Bernie Sanders Las Vegas Investment Club

The Bernie Sanders phenomenon and its momentum, while on its surface, incredibly appealing to voters currently – really runs counter to what has made America a great nation.

His contempt for the wealthy is aimed at the 9.3 million people who have become financially successful over the course of time and, for the most part, worked hard and saved – as described perfectly in the book
“The Millionaire Next Door”.

There is no doubt that the ‘Wall Street’ wealthy need a harsh focus but they constitute only a small proportion of the wealthy in this country

Creating a common enemy has always been an effective method of gaining power and Bernie Sanders is playing that card very well but what are his solutions? At most of his presentations all he discusses is problems and rarely touches on any solutions.

It is our position that what has made this a great country is the opportunities that are presented by our culture. Yet Bernie Sanders is vilifying those that are representative of the successful within that culture
And – what are his alternatives?
Please listen to this small segment from a recent meeting of the Las Vegas Investment Club for more detail on this important issue.

Bernie does not mention that the top 10% of earners in the United States pay 70% of all tax and the top 1% pay 33% of all tax. If Bernie was elected as President he would destroy the American Dream and turn America into a Socialist State.