Mike Lathigee Says Google Me – It Ain’t Good

From the beginning Mike Lathigee has been an outspoken advocate for investors in the face of traditional’ investment practices
Investment advisors, banks and regulators have suffered intense critical scrutiny under his focus (conveyed to thousands over the years)

He has had an impact on the ways in which those people (who have heard his messages) – invest
As a result he made enemies – especially among the powerful entities and people who have grown wealthy and continue to prosper in the traditional’ models.

After the meltdown of ’08 Mike came within reach of a bank and the regulatory lawyers in British Columbia – where he had build his business.

Although ludicrous and vindictive seem apt adjectives to apply to a $36.5 m fine (where fines of this sort typically range much lower) Mike does not linger on why this might be the case especially in light there was no evidence beyond a modest salary that Mike received anything personally.

Please view this video and hear Mike address his Civil Fraud case, the outcome and ongoing appeal