What is happening to Trump is completely wrong.
April 16, 2018

Certainly Trump has his detractors; however, what is happening to him right now reflects just how unrestrained Mueller is able to operate, under the law, in America and this does not bode well for anyone of the rest of us.

When a prosecutor goes after an American citizen (President or lawyer or plumber or any one of us) and cannot ‘get’ that person on one crime, he simply throws a ‘bigger net’ and continues his pursuit. This is untenable!

The raid on Cohen office had nothing to do with the ‘Russia Probe’. It was based in the fact that Mueller could not get Trump there so he changed gears and issued a search warrant on his personal attorney.
There was no standard protocol of a request for documents or a subpoena but straight to search warrant. Not even considered was ‘client attorney privilege’.

This action clearly reflects the overzealous and overreaching powers of prosecutors. Some may just think, ‘I am a Democrat’ and this is good; however, there are large and very grave concerns to be considered here.
It would seem that Mueller’s approach is best described as ‘the ends justify the means’ and now he may well find something in Trump’s past that will serve his ongoing pursuit.

The fact is – the process is flawed and most Americans won’t get it.

Prosecutors seem to be able to operate with impunity in America today. As Mueller could not find anything in the ‘Russian Probe’ he simply switched gears and started a process of scrutinizing deals that Trump participated in before he became President.
Is he bound to find something? Probably Yes!

To put this in perspective – according to civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate the average American commits three felonies per day. (This is studied in a new book he has just released).
While a bit of a stretch – the fact that the argument can be made at all (given what Mr Mueller is able to get away with) reflects the vulnerable state in which we all find ourselves in America today.

Yes, this is a witch hunt, but worse – it reflects the sorry state of the US Judicial System and worst yet – will probably be regarded as just another day at the office by the rest of us.

“Which is Easier: Making It in Main Street (Business) or Wall Street (Stocks)?”
April 16, 2018

Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (over 26 million sold!) will make a rare appearance at FreedomFest and draw from his vast experience running businesses and investing in real estate; he avoids the stock market. He will be joined by Mike Lathigee, president and founder of the Las Vegas Investment Club, who argues that investing in private businesses can be 10 times more profitable than publicly-traded stocks. Two highly successful business leaders will make the case for investing in businesses.

But running a business is not for everyone. Marc Lichtenfeld, author of two new books, “Get Rich with Dividends” and “You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement” (I wrote the introduction), will make the case that anyone can grow rich faster through rising dividend stocks. Joel Stern, internationally-renown professor of finance and inventor of the fourth financial statement, will moderate this vital debate, “Which is better, growth stocks or business deals?”

Best wishes, AEIOU,


Mark Skousen
Presidential Fellow, Chapman UniversityProducer, FreedomFest
“The World’s Largest Gathering of Free Minds”
July 11-14, 2018, Paris Resort, Las Vegas

Overreaching Power and Systemized Legalized Corruption in the US Government: Las Vegas Investment Club March 29, 2018
April 7, 2018

Mike Lathigee clearly outlines the corruption within our system and addresses areas of concern including Lobbyists, the unfair Plea Bargain System and the overzealous unchecked powers of Federal Prosecutors.

Politicians don’t make money by having a shrinking government. Our Forefathers and Founders of the Constitution would be rolling over in their graves to see the negative changes and how Government is too involved in our lives.

America became great over the last few hundred years by allowing it citizens pursue ri the American Dream. For the most part under the Legalized Corruption System, the American Dream as we know it is DEAD!

This is a video that all Americans MUST watch to understand how our system works and why all American Citizens MUST be concerned.

Never has the club made a request to share but this is a message the Las Vegas Investment Club wants to get out to as many fellow Americans as possible. Please share this video! Stay Tuned for Part 2.

March 29, 2018


To Whom It May Concern:

In the fall of 2015, Mike and I were introduced by a common acquaintance and shortly thereafter we began discussions pertaining to business investments. I quickly learned of Mike’s leading efforts in other business endeavors and investments, including a local Las Vegas investment club, a large gym franchise, etc as well as his involvement in a former real estate investment deal of the past.
Before meeting Mike, I was a soldier turned entrepreneur. I began my adult life in military Special Operations, being both an Airborne Ranger in the 1st Ranger Bn and an Operator in Delta Force. In my time I deployed to combat in multiple countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq, I was the youngest person in the Army to make the E-8 / MSG promotion list, and I am a Bronze Star Medal recipient from early on in the war, for engaging in a high risk operation, which led us to within 2 km of Osama Bin Laden before we were told to cease advancement.
In 2009, I made the leap into business by starting my first company, which was a defense-contracting firm. This company has a focus within the military and government Special Operations sector, maintains a Federal Explosives License as well as a Federal Firearms License, possesses a TOP SECRET clearance (thus we are under constant scrutiny), and is still flourishing today.
In 2014, I made the leap into the amusement sector, in Las Vegas, and started another company. In doing so, I allowed a small select group of investors to participate.
Mike had an interest in helping one of my companies Adventure Combat Ops, of which the primary attraction is “Apocalypse Vegas – The Special Ops Experience”.
Early on, Mike was very transparent in response to any potential skepticism on my part. Even though he was the one at risk, he explained to me about past allegations against him and then he encouraged me to do my own research on him. As an intelligent business owner, I did so and it was easy to wade through the noise of media and unqualified subjective opinions to determine my own findings. It is of my opinion that the following factors played into effect:
– Mike’s participation had many other involved parties and it seemed apparent that he was used as a scape goat to some extent
– Business and investment efforts involve risk and when they don’t work out, it doesn’t mean that there were dishonest agendas
o There were multiple factors that lead to investor dissatisfaction , but I am of the opinion that none of those factors involved anything dishonest or irresponsible on Mike’s half
– The government became involved on various levels, which can tie the hands of the commercial and private sectors’ abilities

My personal findings in Mike are that he has the utmost integrity and humble character when it comes to helping and taking care of others. Not only did Mike manage his team’s $300k investment into Adventure Combat Ops without any fee, but he recouped and paid back 100% of the investment to his parties before he took any returns for himself. Truth be told, I am not sure that he has taken any returns to date. Nonetheless, he played a pivotal role in mentoring me and chairing our board of advisors on multiple occasions along the way and his conduct was always in the capacity of protecting others and success of the team first. Never have I witnessed Mike’s concern for himself. Furthermore, Mike is of the character where he has even offered to provide short term, interest free loans to me, of up to $30k, should I find myself in a tight spot. His simply response to my request was that he had no issues in trusting me. It is necessary to understand that this does not highlight my character, as it actually highlights Mike’s. Untrustworthy men do not trust others.
I have seen Mike work tirelessly to continue to help others and watch out for their best interest, in a time when many other men would have given up. Men do not continue to endeavor as Mike has, unless they feel that their efforts are truly a calling for the better good of others.
I can whole-heartedly tell you that I trust Mike with anything that I have and that I would have no reservations about doing future business with him. Moreover, I will continue to seek Mike’s advise pertaining to business and financials, not only due to his intelligence and experience, but because of his selfless character towards how he considers others first in his decisions.
Link to original letter.[3056]

Recently I received some unfavorable press that I felt it was important to provide the facts in a short video.
January 11, 2018

Over the past 7 years, I have spent countless hours continuously working, without compensation, to do everything possible to regain value for my shareholders. Along with myself and my former Chief Operating Officer, Earle Pasquill have also toiled continuously on behalf of those shareholders. Any impression that I had any personal benefit is untrue and even the adjudicators who ruled against me in Canada, admitted I had no personal financial benefit and in fact was the largest financial loser.

Part 1: my interaction with investors who have worked with me for many years.
Part 2: an interview where I address many issues
Part 3: TD Bank you tube video where I disclose what happened.

Proud to call Mike a friend, colleague, and role model.
December 29, 2017
To Whom It May Concern:
I first met Mike as a client many years ago, when he retained me to help him move from Canada to the United States. In the years since, he has become a great friend, which has given me the opportunity to get to know firsthand what a truly remarkable human being he is. Abraham Lincoln is believed to have stated, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Lincoln was probably America’s greatest President, as well as one of the greatest human beings to ever live, and it is a true testament to Mike’s character that he has passed the test put forth by a moral giant like Lincoln. Indeed, like Abraham Lincoln, Mike Lathigee rose from humble beginnings to a point where he now wields a great deal of influence with his ever-expanding group of admirers. Lesser men have been corrupted by the intoxicating effects that such power can bring. However, Mike (like President Lincoln before him) has such a strong moral compass that he has been able to resist such a temptation. It is for this reason, for example, that, when Mike’s previous company, Freedom Investment Corp (FIC) experienced troubles that caused it to be put into receivership, Mike did not take the easy way out and try to not talk about this or “to spin” this, something that would have been particularly tempting to do given that Mike is primarily involved in efforts to secure and keep investments from people who trust that he is competent and capable of helping their investments prosper.
 Instead, Mike spoke very publicly about FIC’s troubles and fought in the Canadian court system to have his good name restored. To this day, whenever he is asked about this, Mike makes no attempt to hide what happened with FIC, knowing that his own actions speak for themselves; it is clear that, even in the age of Bernie Madoff and other Ponzi schemers, Mike Lathigee truly is someone who can be trusted with people’s money and with all of the confidence that goes with such trust. Indeed, to quote Winston Churchill, another of history’s great leaders, “You can measure a man’s character by the choices he makes under pressure.” There are few things that bring about as much pressure as being given the fiduciary responsibility to wisely and prudently invest money on behalf of others, particularly given the significant backlash that can result if the investment is less than successful. Not withstanding this pressure, Mike always keeps a level head, no matter how stressful the situation may be, and he never compromises his morals or his integrity.
It is for these and so many other reasons that I am proud to call Mike a friend, colleague,
and role model.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time should you have further questions or
concerns regarding Mike Lathigee.


Josh Effron, Esq. President Immigrant Rep, Inc

Hyland Judgment
September 26, 2017

I was at a presentation and challenged several assumptions and facts of the speaker on stage. After the presentation James Hyland approached me and asked my name and started shouting to everyone “Mike Lathigee is a convicted felon!”. He repeated it several times and I told him that he would be held accountable. It is ironic if you go to youtube and enter in the subject line, John Hyland Speaker is a Convicted Felon” you wll see a video that  has over 20000 views and John Hyland is the brother of James Hyland. I have been awarded a $250000 judgment against James Hyland for his false statements.



Click here to read the Judgment documents[616]

FreedomFest 2017: Mike Lathigee talks Libertarianism, abusive financial services system
August 2, 2017
August 2, 2017

The Las Vegas Investment Club (LVIC) made its presence felt at FreedomFest 2017, winning over several new members and disseminating the LVIC brand in the process.

Mike Lathigee spoke twice at the four-day event, which marked the 10th anniversary of FreedomFest. He first spoke in the Main Ballroom at the Paris Resort on the morning of July 20 in front of more than 1,200 people. The speech touched on two of the capstone principles of the LVIC: Libertarianism and investor empowerment.

Main Ballroom Thursday

“Federal government should exist only to protect citizens from foreign invasion and help the absolute destitute,” Mike said when clarifying the definition of Libertarianism. “Whether you like [President] Trump or not, we’re at least moving back in the direction of Constitutional government with him in the White House.”

Lathigee made clear that Rand Paul was his pick for President, but Hillary Clinton would have continued the big government liberal politics that persisted throughout the Obama Administration. But the issues that neither Republicans nor Democrats ever sincerely address are the perpetual abuses investors endure at the hands of the financial services industry.

Mike used compounding as an example to demonstrate these abuses that the financial services industry continue to employ with impunity. Mike used the example of management fees over a long period. Through compounding, an investor loses more than half of his gains. This is not something the financial services industry willingly or otherwise discloses.

Vendome Speech Friday

While Thursday’s speech served as a quick introduction to LVIC for FreedomFest attendees, the Friday afternoon session was more detailed and intimate. About 100 attendees gathered in Vendome B for a speech that amounted to a de-facto LVIC meeting for potential new members.

Mike told the crowd that he is bearish on the stock market right now due mostly to the unpredictability of President Trump. Whether he starts a trade war, starts bombing North Korea, or something else along those lines, it will directly and monumentally affect the stock market.

The Las Vegas Investment Club emphasises education and investor involvement. When members join LVIC, the first part of the process is a three-day intensive course. It covers, among other things, how to read and understand financial statements, how to evaluate companies versus their peers in the same sector, and of course sharing knowledge and experiences about the stock market, precious metals and other investments. Those who are completely new to investing first participate in a phone interview to ensure they fully understand the club and membership approval process.

“It’s one thing for me to just stand up here and talk about all these great idea,” Mike said as LVIC staff passed out financial statements and data pertaining to club investments. “What we have is a track record. What you’re looking at right now is the last eight deals we’ve done. This is not picking and choosing. [These are our last eight deals and] all of them are going well.”

Mike explained how a fitness club in California contacted LVIC. The company needed $2 million quickly to ensure operations continued as normal. It was netting $80,000 per month at the time in net income. LVIC loaned the money with two conditions: 1) that LVIC would have operational and financial control of the company and 2) the loan was secured via personal guarantee from the five partners involved in the company, while a charging order on the company bank accounts was also obtained. The loan has received timely payments for all 12 months, with APR exceeding 25%.

“To the financial advisors who will tell you this type of deal is impossible, we are a testament to the fact these types of deals do exist and they can happen,” Mike said. “We have approximately 80 of our members involved in that deal and all are very happy.”

The speech ended with 33 new investors signing up for LVIC membership, many of which were husband and wives. Married couples pay only one membership fee.

Auction to Benefit FreedomFest

FreedomFest is a bootstrapped event that does not receive a lot of funding. One of the organizers happens to also be a member of LVIC and is a close friend of Mike. LVIC is committed to ensuring that this annual Libertarian gathering continues in perpetuity. That is why Mike personally donated two paintings that were auctioned off at the event. The painting ultimately sold for $13,200 and all proceeds were donated to FreedomFest.

The 10th Anniversary edition of FreedomFest was once again a great experience and LVIC looks forward to attending once again in 2018. The full video of Mike’s Vendome speech is below.

Realty 411 Magazine features Las Vegas Investment Club
June 23, 2017
, ,
June 23, 2017

The Las Vegas Investment Club (LVIC) is not for thrill seekers and gamblers despite being located in Sin City. That is how Realty 411 Magazine, an online and print resource guide for real estate investors, described LVIC in a recent issue of its magazine.

The article highlights the fundamental principles of LVIC: offering investors an alternative to the abusive fees and bureaucracy of traditional investment firms on Wall Street, and empowering investors with educational programs and town hall-like meetings. The teachings of LVIC have encouraged members to reduce their stock market holdings due to the inherent volatility. Many members are now increasing their gold and silver bullion holding from 2-3% to 5% in an effort to protect their assets from inflation and sharp market corrections.

But this does not mean LVIC is completely anti-stock market. Realty 411 points out that LVIC did in fact invest in MOGO Finance Technologies, a Vancouver-based firm, when the stock was trading on the TSE for about $1.20 per share. As of June 22, the stock is trading at $4.20 per share, a 250% increase from the original investment.

Despite the obvious foresight displayed with MOGO, egos do not exist LVIC. The club has a community disposition and celebrates successes as a group instead of by individual horn-tooting. Realty 411 said LVIC leadership has “Warren Buffet-like qualities” because it only invests in businesses that they can influence operational direction.

You can read the article in its entirety via PDF here.

Lathigee holds Alberta Lawyer Accountable and Lawyer Submits Resignation
April 24, 2017
, , , , ,

We are heartened with the findings of the Law Society of Alberta brought against Malcolm Lennie QC.

Mike Lathigee fought for years to hold Malcolm Lennie QC accountable for his actions.  Malcolm Lennie was a lawyer representing several of Mr Lathigee’ s companies.

Through the course of proceeding it has become clear that Malcolm Lennie (acting as counsel on behalf of Mr Lathigee and his companies) committed a number of unethical acts deliberately detrimental to Mr Lathigee’s companies (detailed elsewhere on this website).

Not only did Mr Lathigee companies receive a settlement in excess of $1 million from Mr Lennie but, based on the information uncovered through this case and other files of Mr Lennie, the Alberta Law Society also accepted Mr Lennie’s resignation – as a direct result of these proceedings (the resignation was submitted to the Law Society of Alberta).

This closes a long battle against this (now) disgraced lawyer. Not only with the settlement but also with the result that Malcolm Lennie is no longer able to practice law.

This decision reflects our ongoing efforts to provide disclosure (and truth) with respect to the events leading up to, and subsequent to, the conditions in which the FIC Group of Companies (of which Mr Lathigee was CEO) was forced into receivership – in 2008.

Read the Disposition Summary – April 11, 2017 – Malcolm D. Lennie, Q.C. (01781519….pdf here.

News Videos
Financial Services Industry …Why Not?
April 4, 2017
, , , , ,

The Las Vegas Investment Club takes a strong stance (related to its concerns) and provides an alternative – to the abuses perpetuated by the financial services industry. It is our position that an investor, who depends on the financial services industry for their financial future, is embarking on a long slow road to the poor house. This video is a “must watch” for any serious investor.

You will learn how this investment club is attaining high returns that (for the most part) the financial services industry would say – is not possible without high risk. We say “they are wrong!”

In this video we discuss a scam administered by one of the large banks that recently was required to pay a huge fine.
Yet the ‘head of marketing’ who oversaw the department that ran this scam, retired with a 9 digit bonus – and did not have to return a dime – for heading up the scam! As consumers and investors is it time to say “Enough is Enough!!!”

In our opinion the financial services industry is not in the business of “money management” but in the business of “money under management”
Watch this video to find out the devastating consequences this business model has on your portfolio – over time. There are good people and good companies in the industry, however; it is our position that investors must develop more personal empowerment by educating themselves to the reality of this system and then find alternatives.

More Vindication for Lathigee!
December 21, 2016
, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I continue to work for my former investors and win cases.

I am in the process of winning another case. This is the case against Kenneth Horne and Arlene Horne who colluded with our legal Counsel at the time (Malcolm Lennie). It is outrageous that Malcolm Lennie (as our attorney) did not disclose that he was one of the vendors of a property we were in the process of acquiring and that during the transaction he released monies to (his partner/fellow vendor) Kenneth Horne even before the contract of sale was fulfilled.

As a side note:
Malcolm Lennie has many upcoming hearings with respect to wrong doings and violation of his duties as a lawyer by the Alberta Law Society.

I further note that we have won a judgment against Malcolm Lennie and that he is now required to make sizable monthly payments – as ordered by the courts.

You will be shocked at the outrages steps of greed that (Edmonton, Alberta) residents Kenneth Horne and his wife Arlene took. (see attached complaint) Certainly a sequel could be made to the American Version of the program called “American Greed” but retitled “Canadian Greed” with Kenneth and Arlene Horne as a full length episode.

I have worked hard to recover monies on behalf of former FIC investors and I encourage you to read the attached update on the findings in our case against Kenneth Horne as I continue my efforts towards collecting funds on behalf of investors.

Here are a few of the findings in this current case:
On or about October 15, 2007 $530,000 was transferred to Horne for no consideration.
On or about February 5, 2008, $550,000 was transferred to Horne for no consideration.
Horne used these monies for personal expenditures and the acquisition of assets.
He is working with his wife Arlene Horne to try and retain those assets from the proceeds of these unjustly acquired funds.

We already have judgment against Horne but he battles fiercely in order to not to pay the monies back. My objective is to pursue him every step of the way and if necessary force him into bankruptcy.
He joins the ‘Hall of Shame’ with Dennis O’Dowd and John Tansowny (you can read about them on other blog posts).

This guy should be in prison!!

The Allegations have been WITHDRAWN
November 14, 2016
, , , , , , , ,

After many years the truth has finally come out! In addition to a victory in the Supreme Court of Appeal please also see the Alberta Securities Commission Notice of Withdrawal that says, “the allegations…have been withdrawn”alberta-securities-commission-notice-of-withdrawal


See the Alberta Securities Commissions Notice of Withdrawal of Notice of Hearing  document here


News Videos
Mike Lathigee’s Economy Concerns & US Election Presentation at The Las Vegas Investment Club
November 3, 2016
, , , , , , , ,

Mike Lathigee did a presentation for the Las Vegas Investment Club regarding the economy and his concerns about the US Election. Here are a few things he covered:

  • Concerns and outlook for the US economy
  • Why investors need gold and silver as a ‘hedge’
  • A behind the scenes look at the Clinton Foundation
  • Will we see negative interest rates
  • Why the election result will have a negative impact on American culture
  • Learn about one of the greatest long lasting scams in America
  • Learn who should have really ran for the President of the United States!


Vindication for Lathigee!
October 19, 2016
, , , , , , , ,

Dear Members,

I am delighted to attach a copy of the decision of The Court of Appeal of Alberta in PDF format below. To revisit a little history, as CEO of FIC Group of Companies, I initiated an internal investigation of John Tansowny as VP of Real Estate for concerns regarding his conduct related to representing the fiduciary responsibilities and obligations of shareholders.

There were many improprieties that caused me concern and I hired an outside representative to assist in the investigation. Once the investigation began John Tansowny took several steps to try to stop the investigation and these steps hurt FIC Shareholders.

First, he wrote letters to the BC Securities Commission discussing why our assets should be seized and made numerous false allegations with respect to management conduct. Unfortunately, Tansowny’s unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations caused FIC assets to be frozen by the regulators, causing an unfair and unexpected decline in portfolio value, causing harm to the company and its shareholders.

Second, Tansowny wrote letters to TD Bank advocating for our 8 digit loan to be “called” and he consistently and substantially interfered with our attempts to improve our financial health and deal with crucial financing needs. This loan was the life blood of FIC’s existence and continued operations with our Real Estate Projects.

Third, when FIC entered receivership he lobbied and did all possible to try and keep FIC in receivership. His motivation had nothing to do with the best intentions for FIC Shareholders and in fact he badly hurt the shareholders he was supposed to assist by undertaking these actions.

His purpose was to try and destroy FIC so that it would not have the capital or the ability to pursue him for his misdeeds. He was concerned FIC Management would discover what he had done and he knew he would have huge exposure and enormous consequences if FIC Shareholders ever found out the truth.

Many years have passed and FIC Management has not given up. Earle and myself have fought to hold Tansowny accountable. I invite you to read the attached decision by the Supreme Court of Alberta.

I further will elaborate that we have every intention of pursuing John Tansowny further and have an ongoing action against him that we are confident will yield positive results.

Here are just a few comments written by the Judge:

“I start with Tansowny, whose version of events was unburdened by any need to reconcile or distinguish between his vested interest in the outcome and the events as they actually occurred. Overall, I found his testimony to be glib, facile, and dismissive of any real basis for dispute..and I find that his assertions at trial openly in favor of Phoenix simply do not withstand scrutiny.” (remember members he was VP President of Real Estate for FIC and at trial worked against all FIC interests.)

Further the judge wrote, “Tansowny’s credibility was further tarnished by the internal inconsistencies in his testimony. His evidence directly conflicted with the evidence that he has earlier sued FIC for real estate commission in relation to its purchase of that property. His evidence were unreliable assertions driven by his own interests in the outcome of the litigation.”

After all these years Earle and myself have continued to work through these cases spending countless hours and on my end never with any form of compensation. I am aware the accountability often falls upon the CEO of a company but I thought it is important after all these years that the truth comes out and John Tansowny actions are exposed for all to see.

Let me assure all former FIC Investors that I will continue to pursue Mr Tansowny and as you read through this final decision by the court understand that I will pursue Mr Tansowny to the fullest extend so members will understand the full story.

John Tansowny continues to live in Edmonton and work with Dennis O’Dowd who the judge wrote equal condemnations.

Link to the PDF memorandum-of-judgment-of-justices-bielby-schutz-berger-f-october-12-2016-01535330x7ac1f