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Strategy. Integrity. Heart. These are three words that come to mind when describing ICOA. StrategyMike explains each opportunity from a strategic perspective, with a broad view of how current events tie in with the attraction of a potential investment. IntegrityThe club is honest and transparent with respect to the structuring of each investment. HeartICOA makes […]

My wife and I joined the Club in November 2018. Our experience since then has been outstanding due to Mike’s dedicated guidance and market insights. He has introduced us to two different investment opportunities in a short time. We have chosen to invest in one of them and have great expectations that it will do […]

I want to say that after just six months, the educational aspects of the Club have been phenomenal. You couldn’t ask for better quality content from more knowledgeable individuals. It’s been very enlightening!

I joined the Club at the Money Show in Las Vegas in May 2018. So far, my experience has been good. I am participating in the Club’s investments in California fitness centers.

It’s been a pleasure working with Mike Lathigee over the years.  He has proven to be a wise steward of my funds, always available and forthright, willing to answer my questions, and to work with my subscribers to fulfill their needs.  Investing with the Investment Club of America has been extremely profitable so far, and […]

I am a brand new member. I definitely look forward to future opportunities working with Mike Lathigee and being part of the Club. When talking with other members during EconoSummit 2019, it was clear that they hold Mike in high regard. I am very impressed with Mike’s knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

I have been involved with Mike Lathigee in investment clubs for 12 years. Mike’s micro and macro economics teachings have empowered me in my investment portfolios, personal development, and career opportunities. The experience has led me to multiple streams of income and financial independence. The Club keeps me on track. I like what was said […]

The EconoSummit and the Club itself, are both very well run. I joined the Club after Mike Lathigee spoke at FreedomFest in July 2016. I understand the enormous amount of work (even in spite of future economic returns expected for the manager) it takes to keep an organization growing, functioning, and making money; organizing meetings […]

I have known Mike for eight years and appreciate access to investments through the Club that would not be available to me otherwise. It’s a great learning experience to be exposed to new ideas. The investments offered to Club members over the last several years have done very well. Through the Club, I’ve received an […]

Mike is very knowledgeable, thorough, responsive, and professional. My investment results have far exceeded what I could have done on my own. Over the last five years, I’ve gained a valuable education in investing through the Club’s programs and activities.

I’ve been involved with Mike and the Club for two years. Mike has been completely open about his history in business. Every deal Mike has presented has been great and has perfomed as proposed. Mike’s choice of speakers is also superb; they have been very knowledgeable and beneficial to me.

For five years, Mike has been instrumental in my investment decisions. He has inspired me to increase my educational and health experiences in a positive way. I now spend somewhere between 4 to 16 hours a week studying and reading about investments and the economy… I’m also very happy with my investments through the Club; […]

Mike Lathigee is passionate and honest, and working to garner the trust of the members in his vision of where the Club is going. Since joining the Club four months ago, I’m enjoying the journey and am taking part in the Club’s awesome investment opportunities. Mike is a capitalist in the best sense of the […]

My relationship with Mike pre-dates the formation of the Club. What I have found most valuable is the investment education and the exposure to investments that are not available to most people. I ‘m getting investment cash flow now and looking forward to being rewarded when we exit from these investments.

Having worked with him for a number of years, I’ve come to realize Mike as a true friend and compatriot. Mike offered me good advice and counsel when I discussed what needed to be done in a particular investment of mine. We thank him for all he has done for us.

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