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Mike Lathigee
Mike Lathigee, has spent the last ten years rebuilding his reputation after the collapse of his last company. Here are some words from several of the club members who have interacted
with Mike:

  • I am a brand-new member. I definitely look forward to future opportunities working with Mike Lathigee and being part of the Club. When talking with other members during EconoSummit 2019, it was clear that they hold Mike in high regard. I am very impressed with Mike’s knowledge, experience, and professionalism.
  • Brandon Schnuelle
    I have been involved with Mike Lathigee in investment clubs for 12 years. Mike’s micro and macroeconomics teachings have empowered me in my investment portfolios, personal development, and career opportunities. The experience has led me to multiple streams of
    income and financial independence. The Club keeps me on track. I like what was said at the recent EconoSummit… “Alone you can go fast. Together, we can go far.” That’s so true!
  • Rich Durepos
    I joined the Club at the Money Show in Las Vegas in May 2018. So far, my experience has been good. I am particpating in the Club’s investments in California fitness centers.
  • Warren L. Fischer
    The EconoSummit and the Club itself, are both very well run. I joined the Club after Mike Lathigee spoke at FreedomFest in July 2016. I understand the enormous amount of work (even in spite of future economic returns expected for the manager) it takes to keep an organization growing, functioning, and making money; organizing meetings and conferences; and keeping new deals flowing in and old deals performing. I really like and appreciate the club meeting videos so I can keep up on the education and deal reports. The 2019 EconoSummit was even better than 2018! I appreciate the well-rounded topic list covering the four club objectives: health, community, learning, and investing to make money. For a relatively small conference, the breadth of speakers and topics is very good. I
    especially appreciate the emphasis on taking action and the caliber of other members. This year was my first time to stay at The Orleans Hotel. I found the hotel and casino very well maintained, all staff polite and helpful, the rooms very well maintained, and the entire experience very positive. The special rates, the discounted resort fee, and the no parking fee made this stay a pleasant bargain.
    I have invested in a number of projects through the Club. For example, I invested $25K in Eastlake in Oct. 2018, and although there was expectation of it maturing faster than Venture Fit, I was pleasantly surprised in Feb. 2019 to receive a 1% distribution/return of capital (and then another one in March 2019). I also invested $40K in the fitness acquisition fund in Jan. 2019 – and appreciate the Club’s and Jeff’s strategy of building a synergistic company in order to ensure a higher multiple cash-out in the future. I also appreciate the opportunity to be able to profit from previous forward-thinking Club work in building the gym concept. The fact that Mark Skousen was an investing member played into my “reassurance factor” in making these investments. I look forward to continuing to add to my investments through the Club. Well done, and mahalo!
  • Neil Bates
    I have known Mike for eight years and appreciate access to investments through the Club that would not be available to me otherwise. It’s a great learning experience to be exposed to new ideas. The investments offered to Club members over the last several years have done very well. Through the Club, I’ve received an outstanding education not just on investing, but also on economics, politics, health, and community involvement.
  • Gary Bates
    Mike is very knowledgeable, thorough, responsive, and professional. My investment results have far exceeded what I could have done on my own. Over the last five years, I’ve gained a valuable education in investing through the Club’s programs and activities.
  • Robyn Bonk
    I’ve been involved with Mike and the Club for two years. Mike has been completely open about his history in business. Every deal Mike has presented has been great and has performed as proposed. Mike’s choice of speakers is also superb; they have been very knowledgeable
    and beneficial to me.
  • Jerry Perkins)
    For five years, Mike has been instrumental in my investment decisions. He has inspired me to increase my educational and health experiences in a positive way. I now spend somewhere between 4 to 16 hours a week studying and reading about investments and the
    economy… I’m also very happy with my investments through the Club; there’s nothing like positive cash flow! Thank you, Mike, for your support.
  • Chris Yoshimura
    Mike Lathigee is passionate and honest, and working to garner the trust of the members in
    his vision of where the Club is going. Since joining the Club four months ago, I’m enjoying
    the journey and am taking part in the Club’s awesome investment opportunities. Mike is a
    capitalist in the best sense of the word. He wants us all to share the ride in building wealth
    and community.
  • Stephen Murphy
    My relationship with Mike pre-dates the formation of the Club. What I have found most
    valuable is the investment education and the exposure to investments that are not available
    to most people. I ‘m getting investment cash flow now and looking forward to being rewarded
    when we exit from these investments.
  • Bernarr Paroo
    I joined the Club at the Money Show in Las Vegas in May 2018. So far, my experience has been good. I am participating in the Club’s investments in California fitness centers.
  • Warren L. Fischer
    Having worked with him for a number of years, I’ve come to realize Mike as a true friend and compatriot. Mike offered me good advice and counsel when I discussed what needed to be done in a particular investment of mine. We thank him for all he has done for us.
  • John and Evee Wallin
    I’ve been a Club member for only eight months, but I am very happy with the results so far. Mike sent me a video of the San Diego fitness centers… and I invested. I have already received dividend checks from that investment. I plan to invest more funds in the Club’s next
  • Joe Kafka
    I want to say that after just six months, the educational aspects of the Club have been phenomenal. You couldn’t ask for better quality content from more knowledgeable individuals. It’s been very enlightening!
  • Bayani Laigo
    I have known Mike Lathigee since January 2019. My experience with him has been very positive and favorable. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship.
  • Lawrence Westen
    Mike is straight to the point. He’s very knowledgeable on the stock market, the economy, and business in general.
  • Loic Pillon
    I am new to the Club, so my interaction with Mike is limited. However, I have attended one monthly meeting and one EconoSummit. I really appreciate the dedication Mike Lathigee
    has in educating members and looking out for their welfare. Being rather new to investing, it’s also great to be part of an investment community.
  • Angela Archer
    After being involved in the Club for a year, I am in three deals, with more pending. Everything has gone as promised. Mike always responds quickly and answers any questions or concerns. The Club provides great meetings and educational opportunities. I would recommend it to anyone, including family and friends. In fact, one of my friends recently joined the Club after doing his due diligence.
  • Jason Conner
    I have been associated with Mike and the Club for about two years. I am also participating in several of the private placement projects managed by the Club. Mike and the Management Team have put in a lot of effort to successfully manage these projects, which are profitable and growing. Additionally, the monthly meetings organized by Mike have been personally beneficial.
  • Walter Bacharowski
    As a member for five months, so far the investment opportunities have been great. The EconoSummit was also very interesting. Mike has assembled a great team!
  • Dennis Nelson
    I joined the Club three months ago. It has been helpful and educational. Mike Lathigee is full of great ideas and brings in great speakers. He enlists the talents and successes of those in the Club to benefit us all. The Club is a great opportunity to make money for people like to me who are not “numbers gifted”.
  • Kaye Nelson
    I recently joined the Club five months ago hoping to educate myself and be exposed to investment opportunities. After attending just a few meetings and the EconoSummit, I feel like I have gained many years of education, as well as become involved in two investments. My overall experience has far exceeded my expectations. Mike is knowledgeable and engages the members in an exciting and professional manner. I look forward to the future of more education, networking with members, and new investments!
  • Jeff Feldman
    After six years in the Club, I am very satisfied and recommend the experience to others. Mike is an excellent person who cares about others. I offer him my thanks for making investment opportunities available to me that the normal person could not find. Due to what
    I’ve learned through Mike and the various speakers, I now consider myself a sophisticated investor.
  • Jim Akamine
    I have been with the Club for a year. During this time, Mike has always arranged top rated speakers on a wide range of investment-related topics for all of our monthly meetings for the purpose of giving us a wider education. He also vets the investments offered by the
    Club, so we have a higher probability of success. In fact, there has not been an unsuccessful project since I have been a member.
  • Michael Johnson
    When I joined the Club, I was looking for monthly income from my new investments. So too, my expectations for learning more about investing have been met over the last four years. I like the fact that the Club encourages collaborative new business ventures among its members.
  • Murali Pagala
    Money grows when it is planted in a fertile field. You need to know about products that people will want, taking into consideration both cash flow and appreciation. Mike, who initiated the Club, helps you understand the products and where to find fertile fields to grow
    your money. I know because my investments with the Club are returning 26 percent.
  • Andy Kuniyuki
    I have been a menber for two years. I’ve been learning more about investing; it’s been such a positive educational experience for me.
  • Eva Meza
    My limited experience with Mike (for nine months) has been very favorable. I’ve enjoyed my time at Club meetings and found the EconoSummit to be useful and informative.
  • Paul Hammer
    I’ve been involved with Mike for two years and participated in one deal through the Club. It has delivered as promised.
  • Dale Lewis
    About four months ago, I had the privilege of attending a Meet and Greet with Mike. I liked what he had to say about investment opportunities with the Club. After attending my first
    EconoSummit, I feel more confdent and look forward to learning more about making profitable investments.
  • Debra Westen
    Having been a member for three years, I find the educational aspect of the Club to be very fulfilling. Mike has been very responsive in answering my concerns. He brings in world class presenters to our meetings and seminars that I always look forward to hearing.
  • Jim Sandoz
    I’ve been involved with Mike for over four years; I met him at the Money Show. I liked the concepts he expressed, but joined with a lot of cynicism. In the time I have known Mike, that cynicism has dissolved into an exceeding amount of respect and admiration for him. In
    fact, I have entered some investments that I was not familiar with yet based on my regard for Mike.
  • Paul Ford
    My investment experience with Mike Lathigee and the Club over the last several years has met or exceeded my expectations. Recent investments managed by Mike Lathigee have had a positive return, for the most part exceeding other types of investments (S&P 500, real estate, other market indices). The educational mandate of the Club has also been fulfilled in an exemplary manner. Whereas general news outlets now present useless nonsense and specialty outlets (like
    CNBC, MarketWatch, etc) are essentially industry advertisements, in contrast, Mike offers useful information with the overall message of promoting empowerment. Mike and the Club are trustworthy and non-self-serving, and focused on benefitting members.
  • Richard Pietroski
    My wife and I joined the Club in November 2018. Our experience since then has been outstanding due to Mike’s dedicated guidance and market insights. He has introduced us to two different investment opportunities in a short time. We have chosen to invest in one of
    them and have great expectations that it will do well based on the track record of the principals. We are well pleased. Thank you, Mike!
  • Arnold and Zipora Keller
    I’ve been involved with Mike and the Club for three years. Mike is very forthright and trustworthy. Our investment experience with Mike has exceeded all expectations. We wish we knew Mike way back because he has tremendous knowledge on investments and opportunities which we truly enjoy. Being an active member of the Club enables us to enlighten our lives by learning more about investments, community, education, and health. Thank you
    very much, Mike. You are our hero.
  • Nelson M. Yrizarry, Jr.
    As a fairly new member, I’ve been favorably impressed with the educational experience alone. We’ve invested a small amount and are anticipating a far greater return than from a traditional brokerage firm. In developing our business of developing businesses, we’re constantly reinventing and improving our strategies based in large part on ideas gleaned from Mike and the phenomenal speakers he brings to the Club. I especially love speakers Mark Skousen and Josh Effron for their respective styles, as well as their content. With bigger events like the EconoSummit, we find inspiration to rededicate
    ourselves to making more money so we can take care of our health, continue our lifelong education, and give back to our community and our nation for the betterment of our world.
  • Linda West
    I have been a member for a couple of months. I have been very impressed with how Mike runs the meetings. His passion and energy is tremendous! I have participated in one investment so far and greatly appreciate the education. I look forward to introducing Mike to some of my friends. This weekend at EconoSummit 2019 was a great experience and I can’t wait to bring my wife to a meeting. May God bless you and your family, Mike.
  • Carl Johnson
    Since joining the Club, I have very much enjoyed getting to know Mike Lathigee. I trust him after only knowing him for a few months. It is too early for me to comment on my investment returns through the Club… I consider Mike a great leader.
  • Phil Gardner
    Mike is passionate about what he does and is taking care of the members of the Club. He adheres to the four principles the Club stands on, which are education, making money, health, and community. He makes sure that of there are problems they are rectified. So far, he has met or exceeded my expectations. The Club meetings and the speakers are always informative and beneficial, and the investments offered are carefully vetted.
  • Lesa Deadman
    I’ve been involved with Mike Lathigee and the Club for a year and a half. The education that is provided on many levels has been worth way more than the membership price.
  • Robert Deadman