January 25, 2020

If you want to have a much better understanding of what is going on in the world and the economy this is a “must watch” club video.

During the presentation, our club Chairman, Mike Lathigee, shares potential investing strategies that will work in this economic environment. He discusses common subjects (such as the National Debt), and provides additional consequences, that are not being discussed elsewhere.

He talks about why we will never be able to get the debt under control in a context where politicians have to start their reelection campaign 2 years after being elected. It is (almost) universally accepted that there will not be a Recession in 2020, however; Mike defines circumstances that could actually cause a Recession in 2020 and investors must be aware of them. Yes, economic growth looks good this year, however; investors must be aware that there still are risks and understand what is really happening as the “stock market party of rising prices” continues.

Trade Conflict and the most overwhelming world debt in history are his 2 biggest concerns with respect to a possible downturn in the economy. He also elaborates on the “public’s lack of healthy skepticism about corporate earnings”.

In addition to economics, Mike discusses the complete waste of taxpayer money on the Impeachment Hearing. He then discusses the economies of many countries around the world and the impact these have on America. Throughout the presentation Mike gives listeners important guidance on what they should do in their own portfolios and very specific action steps investors can take to protect their assets and make money.

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The best way to describe this club meeting video is shocking.
December 2, 2019

You will hear how institutionalize ‘bribery’ has corrupted our Federal Government.

Mike Lathigee addresses the abusive power of lobbyists on Capitol Hill with a viable solution of what the Convention of States has to offer.

Then Economist Sean Flynn details how special interest groups, represented by lobbyists, succeed in having laws passed that are not only self-serving but actually hinder the economic health of America.  In his presentation Sean articulates how corruption and bribery is made legal & implemented with consequences repeated in history (Byzantine Empire etc).

After watching this video most Americans will be outraged.

November 6, 2019

Sean Barry is a lawyer from California who is a 2.5% minority shareholder in a fitness business.   I arranged for investors to purchase ownership of a significant larger interests in the business.  He apparently has a personal vendetta against me and the management group that took over several years ago.  

There is a litigation matter pending wherein some other minority owners are trying to oust the management group and nullify the ownership interests of the investors I arranged.   While Sean Barry is not a named plaintiff in that action, he is aligned with those plaintiffs.

Very clearly this shows an attorney pushing all ethics boundaries and I am happy to publicly expose his actions for all to see! Please read and share as you see fit. 

In the course of the last 45 days there has been a storm of legal documentation generated related to the British Columbia Securities Commission recent advance of its 5 year (to use the word of legal counsel) ‘vandetta’ against Mike Lathigee – which has been recently placed before the court in Nevada.
October 15, 2019

In his commitment to ‘transparency’ Mike has stated his case ad nauseam before ICOA members both in person (at meetings) and through the dissemination of video (of those meetings) to our out of town members.

He has taken the same position since the very start of the BCSC actions.

(Video(s) are and continues to be easily accessible through the ICOA website archives).

That said, significant are a few lines drawn from all that recent documentation – as submitted to the court – by Mike’s legal counsel.

 Unsolicited and presented exactly as transcribed these excerpts reflect Mike’s position all the more obviously:

                “The BCSC has been essentially persuing a vendetta for years, regarding the collapse of the real estate investment company of which defendant Michael Patrick Lathigee was principal in and around 2007-2008.”

                “As is noted in the Declaration of Mr Lathigee, even the BCSC’s expert witness acknowledged that the monetary judgement being imposed in 2014 was a sanction and fine and was not based on any evidence or proof that Mr Lathigee personally benefited from the monies invested in the subject business.

The exact words of the BCSC’ expert witness are – ‘Certainly I agree the impact of the remedy is significant in that the order in question requires Mr. Lathigee to pay $21,700,000 without proof that Mr. Lathigee personally received that amount’ 

                Indeed, as noted in Exhibit “A”, not only does Mr Lathigee disavow receiving such personal aggrandisement and enrichment, but he in fact was the biggest loser in the collapse.

Never the less, multiple years later we find ourselves at present litigating about ordinary routine household goods which BCSC wants to liquidate, at pennies on the dollar, as what would appear to be a totally non-economic attempt to drive Mr Lathigee into the ground.”

                “Unfortunately, in the process of same, BCSC and its counsel have apparently taken quantum leaps and from limited circumstantial evidence to reach highly speculative and erroneous conclusions as to alleged ongoing misconduct and nefarious activity on the part of Michael Lathigee. It should be noted that most of the suggestions and innuendoes totally lack foundation, are not corroborated by appropriate documents or facts, and candidly are not very germaine or relevant….”

British Columbia Securities Commission domiciles $16 million judgment against Mike Lathigee in Nevada.
September 18, 2019

Mike Lathigee has a strong following of club members across America.    Recently the British Columbia Securities Commission domiciled a judgment against Mr Lathigee for $16 million.    In this video Mr Lathigee fully discloses what happened in Canada and updates members  on what is happening in the case.  In addition, you will learn all the details of Mr Lathigee projects in Nevada and the track record to date.

About Mike Lathigee
May 8, 2019

Mike Lathigee

Mike Lathigee, has spent the last ten years rebuilding his reputation after the collapse of his last company. Here are some words from several of the club members who have interacted with Mike:

Mike Lathigee has gone to extraordinary lengths in conveying his experiences from the past.

Including the good & the bad.

We all stumble and fall.

It is those who continue, prevail and then succeed that seem to draw the ire of those who are unwilling or unable to do the same.

There is a saying
Those who can – do
Those who cannot – teach
But it also seems that those who cannot – do or teach – persecute!

Mike has focused his fierce criticism on the ‘traditional’ investment models – & included the regulatory bodies, and their lawyers, within this focus.

10 years ago, after the meltdown of ’08/’09 these lawyers found a weakness & they pounced. 

They have been relentless in their scrutiny in the years since, in the attempt to add fodder to their agenda – but to no avail.

Mike will not back down and neither will they desist in perusing an agenda the source of which he has discussed ad nauseam – and really is quite dated.

The whole issue is covered in the document ‘My name is Mike Lathigee’ for those who care to read it.

He has relationships with a group of accredited / sophisticated investors which (in most cases) spanning many, many years.

Highly educated with various skill sets they interact closely with Mike on current deals and deals they have cashed out on.

There can be fewer relationships as volatile – as they kind they have with Mike – and yet they will enthusiastically endorse this man.

We leave it to the reader to decide their own mind, however; state for the record that Mike has always worked to the best results for his investors and will continue to do so regardless of the consequences.

My name is Mike Lathigee

I am the Founder of the Investment Club of America (formerly the Las Vegas Investment Club).

For well over a decade I have been an outspoken advocate for investors in the face of ‘traditional’ investment practices.

Investment advisors, banks and regulatory lawyers have suffered intense critical scrutiny under my focus (conveyed to tens of thousands of people – over the years).

As a result – I have had an impact on the ways in which those people (who have heard my messages) view the ‘system’ and as a result – invest !

I have made enemies – especially among the powerful entities and people who have grown wealthy and continue to prosper in the ‘traditional’ models.

After the meltdown of ’08 – the TD Bank in British Columbia, Canada (where my business was located at the time) utilized mercenary tactics and forced me into insolvency – even though my loans were completely up to date. This is well documented in my fight on behalf of investors; however, the effects were devastating.

For an idea of what this fight entailed – Please click on the link below to see my letter to the President and CEO of TD Bank. Feb 17, 2011

I also came within reach of the British Columbia Securities Commission’s lawyers.

Utilizing ‘non disclosure’ (ubiquitous in securities language and almost impossible to defend against) as the basis of a case against me – these regulatory lawyers made a decision to assess me a

$21.7 m fine.

Even though the fines they have assessed in (what could be considered) similar circumstances – range significantly lower.

I submit that the ‘back story’ related to my criticism of this group underscores why a case was made in the first place, why the case was advanced – as well as the fine and its excessive nature.

Without it – this case being brought against me would have been truly bewildering.

This is underscored by the fact that even the BCSC regulatory lawyers admited that there was no evidence (beyond a modest salary) that I received any gain personally.

I will not linger on this any further here – Other than to say that ‘vindictive’ seems an apt adjective to apply to this ludicrous and clearly excessive fine – and that I will continue to fight against it and the judgment that produced it.

(An appeal is currently underway on the BCSC judgement – with the Supreme Court in Nevada).

I make no secret of this Civil Fraud case, its outcome and ongoing appeal. That said, I will continue & remain committed to speak out wherever and whenever – I see fault within the system.

(My 352 page book called The Investment Revolution is a scathing overview of the financial system and financial brokers and service agents).

Please go to mikelathigee.com and vindicationforlathigee.com and see there are 2 sides to everything.


Recently Mike Lathigee received some unfavorable press and he felt it was important to provide the facts in a short video.
September 18, 2019

Please watch the above video and below is a more detailed about what transpired.

Mike Lathigee is the Chairman and Founder of the Investment Club of America.  

He remains fully transparent regarding his track record of successes and challenges from the past.   In fact, in a recent interview with the world famous Economist Mark Skousen, Mr Skousen says ‘Mike always guides people to “Google Me” before they do business with him.’ 

Mike has lead many deals successfully over the last decade and in this video you will learn more about this track record as well as the Investment Club of America. 

Over the past 8 years, Mike Lathigee has overseen several projects – the outcome of which has been that investors have cashed in and cashed out with strong gains.  

At the same time he has also received unfavorable press as a result of the British Columbia Security Commission (BCSC) civil adjudication against him (brought subsequent to the impact that the ‘meltdown’ of 2008/2009 had on his businesses) where it was ruled that he did not have enough disclosure in two of 21 prospectuses filed at the time.   

Although the BCSC fully admitted he had no personal financial gain and, in fact, lost more money than any other investor he was still fined $21.7 million.    The judgment against him has now been domiciled in Nevada and he has appealed the decision.   Please click here to read the “attached brief” in addition to this video which explains many of the weaknesses in the BCSC case.   In addition, in this brief, the BCSC own expert lawyer admits that Lathigee had no personal financial gain. 

Mike Lathigee is currently appealing the decision with respect to the BC Securities Case.
September 17, 2019

Appellant’s Reply Brief – Click to read

There are many weaknesses the BCSC case and please see the attached court fling that points to all the shortcomings.  In addition, although many times the BCSC has led reporters to write that somehow Lathigee had personal financial gain, in the most recent court brief the BCSC’s own lawyer, Johnson, stated that “Lathigee has had no personal financial gain”.   In fact Lathigee lost more than any other investor after Toronto Dominion Bank called his line of credit although all payments were current and simultaneously cancelled all financing for building lots that were sold to builders.  Please see youtube video “Lathigee writes complaint letter to TD Bank” with over 5000 views.

Response to your message sent to our organization with a personal attack on me.
June 26, 2019

We received this letter from Mr. Nokley

Bob Nokley
Club Return Claims
Congrats on being the first: “It says it is the first time a court in the United States has recognized an order from the B.C. commission.”

I have been professionally raising capital for 20+ years, its clubs and
people like this that sets back the work of those who know better. I
attended and pitched one of your meetings, at first I was impressed but when pulling the tape back it was clear what was going on there.
Glad you took Vegas’s name off of your club. had my reservations about Lathigee and now two high courts keep coming and to say you can’t
defend yourself is for a more unsophisticated person to believe. 

The self-serving investment platforms ALWAYS have some sort of
operator with this sort of drama attached. 

When one guy tells me he is being railroaded, what did the 700 people
that invested get?

Not sure what the citizenship arrangement is but I know what I would prefer. All of these websites and domain names spinning your story with no contact information on them.

And this is my response.

A picture of Bob Nokley

Mr. Nokley:

You are not the first to underestimate our people and the relationship we have with each of them.

Your request to ‘pitch’ club members about your company for investment dollars was declined and I understand your disappointment. In fact your comments are probably predicated on your frustration. Your company simply did not fit our criteria. We have an excellent track record and considered your offering to be outside our risk parameters.

As for our ‘unsophisticated’ investors that you refer please note that over 90% of our members are accredited by securities definition.  You stated that you pitched your company at one of our meetings and that is untrue as again it would not have passed our criteria.  If you had actually ‘pitched at one of our meetings’ as you state you have, then you would have discovered a group of very savvy investors with the applicable skill sets to adequately analyze your ‘pitch’. 

Further, in my constant disclosure, our members are well aware of the pressure being brought by the regulators and the reasons why. In fact, I make it a point to disclose this at every single offering and at our meetings. Many members have even told me that I update too much on this subject.

Unlike many in my field, I have not spent a dime on reputation management to remove negative posts on google because I am proud of my business performance. To the contrary, I have gone so far as to single out derogatory comments and articles written about me (like your contribution) and read them out at meetings. Your comments, contact info and my response will also be published on my website mikelathigee.com.

Our people can attest to this but also to the fundamental fact that I am completely transparent and more importantly that they have done extraordinarily well with me (relative to 85% plus of the money managers in the country that underperform the market index). Please send me the results that you have achieved on behalf of your investors. Do you have a long list of testimonials from happy investors?  I don’t see any on your website except a pitch and you appear to be a one-man show.

In addition, all my deals are structured in such a manner as to put the investor first with management having little participation until the investors are fully repaid. I would be very interested in reading your prospectus to see what ‘fees’ you charge – are these ‘fees’ charged even if your investors do not do well?

More recently I’ve raised for projects that employ hundreds of people, projects that without my involvement would never have gotten off the ground.  My point is that you may see more than you wanted to upon ‘pulling the tape back’.  

Yes, I (and the rest of the world) had a ‘blow up’ in ‘08/’09. Not unlike many companies in the financial sector – the effect was devastating to me. Why the regulators have taken such a vehement position relative to me, subsequent to this event, has been covered ad nauseam in my website and specific publications. It is easy enough to find this if you have the will to do so. However, you seem intent on submitting your opinion regardless, and it is not much of a stretch to assume that this may be based in our disinterest in your company.

Yes the current assault by the regulators is unusual, but we have become used to this kind of thing from salaried, regulatory lawyers in a system that makes it contraindicated to go after those who actually do harm. 

I will continue to expose the faults within the system in which we all find ourselves and continue to sustain the consequences.

I look forward to reading your comments to our people at a future meeting. I would urge caution that you do your research on the investment club and on me, and avoid publishing any untrue defamatory statements.  As you can see, I take my reputation and the club’s reputation seriously.  While I am constantly willing to respond to criticism, I am just as willing to act to defend myself too.

P.S.  I have attached your picture and do recognize you.   Best wishes!

Lathigee Exposes Hotel Resort Fees
June 17, 2019

The Investment Club of America
(formerly Las Vegas Investment Club)
takes a stand in support of community efforts that are in the best interests of club members and the Citizens of Nevada. 

We took a successful stand in the past against the unscrupulous business practices of HOA Collection Companies and had success as part of a major grassroots movement that eventually put caps on fees these companies could charge to struggling homeowners. 

More recently our focus is on resorts in Vegas
who are charging for parking
– and we have lobbied hard for change.  

We discussed that specific topic at a club meeting in January of this year, and sent the video (of that club meeting)
to the CEOs of Wynn, MGM Resorts and Caesars.  


We are pleased with Wynn’s decision to return to free parking – and since then the increase in tourist traffic at Wynn Hotel is noticeable!  Obviously a good decision for the resort! 

Please see (immediately below) the link for the video which was send to the CEO’s of Wynn, MGM and Ceasars?

ICOA Casino Parking Fees Initiative / VIDEO

Now our attention turns to the deceptive practices of Resort Fees charged by hotels.  

Please read our comprehensive report
– and what you can do to assist in this effort ..

(please click on link below to read this document)

  ICOA Resort Fees Statement

One short story: 
Recently one of our members booked a hotel room online and paid in full.   When he arrived at the resort he was told he had to pay a Resort Fee.   
He said there was no such mention online and showed the ‘check in’ staff the online booking platform.  He was told if he did not pay the Resort Fee that he would not be able to check in.  He said he would pay it but told them he would dispute it.  

Upon return he contacted his credit card company and showed them the booking platform. 
They ruled in his favour and credited his account.  If more of us do this sort of thing it will likely change the deceptive practices of many of the hotels.  

Please share this letter on social media and we will keep you updated on our website, www.investmentclubofamerica.com.

Arnold and Zipora Keller
May 31, 2019

My wife and I joined the Club in November 2018. Our experience since then has been outstanding
due to Mike’s dedicated guidance and market insights. He has introduced us to
two different investment opportunities in a short time. We have chosen to invest in one of
them and have great expectations that it will do well based on the track record of the principals.
We are well pleased. Thank you, Mike!

Bayani Laigo
May 31, 2019

I want to say that after just six months, the educational aspects of the Club have been phenomenal.
You couldn’t ask for better quality content from more knowledgeable individuals.
It’s been very enlightening!

Warren L. Fischer
May 31, 2019

I joined the Club at the Money Show in Las Vegas in May 2018. So far, my experience has
been good. I am participating in the Club’s investments in California fitness centers.

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The U.S. Government has overstepped its purpose and has far more power than was ever intended by our Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution. I am attempting to bring attention to the Convention of States (COS) movement and show strong support of this cause !
May 3, 2019

Mark Meckler and Mike Lathigee talk about the Convention of states movement.

A Libertarian Take on Making Money Beyond the Financial Services Industry
April 23, 2019

It’s a given. We all want to make more money on our investments. But did you know thatmore than ninety percent of traditional money managers in the United States underperformthe stock market in relation to the market index?

Here are the facts regarding money managers in America… Over the last 15 years, 92.33% of large-cap managers, 94.81% of mid-cap managers, and 95.73% of small-cap managersfailed to outperform the market index (Source: SPIVA US Year End Report. SPIVA means S&P Indexes versus active management). Stated a different way, over the last 15 years, only
one in 13 large-cap managers, only one in 19 mid-cap managers, and one in 23 small-cap managers were able to outperform their benchmark index.

What’s more alarming is that these chronically underperforming money managers are the highest paid individuals in any profession. For those of you with managed IRAs and 401ks, the results are even more dismal.

In contrast, the Investment Club of America encourages its members to look beyond the financial services industry for guidance on their investments and the Club has a solid track record of proven success. Much of our success is due to the fact that we take an active role in the companies in which we invest and often serve in an advisory capacity or on the Board. Collectively, members bring expertise in both the vetting process and/or at the management level. Several members have skill sets that directly relate to the companies in which we invest.

From a Libertarian perspective, we are pleased with President Trump’s determination to cut many regulations out of our system and shrink the size of big government. Unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. should not be allowed to make sweeping decisions that impact the pocketbooks of millions of Americans.

Of course, as Libertarians, we agree on decreasing the overreaching power of the Government and bringing the power back to the states and to the people where it belongs and where our forefathers intended it to be. However, we believe it’s short-sighted that Libertarians who are concerned about government interference in their lives don’t consider that in many instances the financial services industry has a considerably greater negative impact on their lives than policy does. The way money managers currently operate in the United States limits how much money we can all make.

As Libertarians, we must insist that money managers should not be able to take away our wealth by chronic underperformance. Left unchecked, these money managers are enhancing their own lifestyles at the expense of the American people.

The Investment Club of America is the alternative to dependence on the financial services industry. We have a solid track record of success with over 200 members and more than $24 million invested in deals over the last seven years that have all met or exceeded expectations. Our performance far exceeds market indexes. FreedomFest Founder Mark Skousen is a proud member of the Club.

Here is what Mark recently wrote about the Club:
“It’s been a pleasure working with The Investment Club of America over the years. Those managing the investments I’ve made through the Club are a wise steward of my funds. They have always been available, forthright, and willing to answer my questions and to work with my subscribers to fulfill their needs. Investing with the Club has been extremely profitable so far, and speaking at their EconoSummit has been a real joy. I’ve been an investor for several years and have made considerable profits as a partner in several gyms in Southern California.”
– Mark Skousen

In terms of the process, Club members can opt in or opt out of any deal. Ninety percent of the Club members are considered accredited investors by securities definition ($1 million in net worth, not including their principal residence). In addition to offering access to investment opportunities, the Club focuses on providing high-level education with world-class speakers on a monthly basis and offers unparalleled networking opportunities. Some of our speakers over the last several years have included: Mark Skousen. William Strauss, Praveen Varshney, Jeff Clark, Jay Adkisson, Sean Flynn, Paul Wendee, Travis Krauss, Thomas Lake, Marcus Mumford, David Damore PhD, Dr. Bo Bernard, Josh Effron, Steve Hawks, Keith Smith, Dr. Michael Gunter, Johnathan Galaviz, Richard Lee, Wayne Root, Renee West, and Mike Lathigee. See the impressive biographies at www.investmentclubofamerica.com

The Club also supports the Convention of States in its mission to limit the power of the U.S. Federal Government. www.conventionofstates.com
The Investment Club of America is truly a club for THE SERIOUS INVESTOR. Come visit us at our booth or watch one of our live presentations and consider to join our membership team.