About Mike Lathigee

Mr. Lathigee eventually decided that others might benefit from his business experiences. Over the years he has developed as a dynamic speaker and educator who has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people — either “one on one” or from the stage to hundreds, and sometimes thousands, at a time. Mike has also spent a considerable amount of time working within and analyzing opportunities in high yield investments. Mike has considerable knowledge and experience with two major online payday lenders, Mogo and New World Lenders. Both have created opportunities for steady returns for Mike and his investors. In Mr. Lathigee’s personal life, his passion lies with an animal rescue foundation he founded and oversaw from 2004-2009. He was the Chairman of the United Animal Resource Foundation from 2005 to 2008. 


The Foundation focused on the humane treatment, and sometimes rescue, of captive animals. Though he terminated the Foundation when he moved to Nevada, he looks forward to rebuilding a charity focused on the protection of animals. Since 2009, Mike Lathigee founded and oversees the Investment Club of America as principal operator and educator. Further details regarding the club can be found at www.lvinvestmentclub.com as well as Mike’s blog at www.mikelathigee.com


From 2009 to 2015, Lathigee served as Chairman and CEO of Highmark Realty Partners where he acquired sixty-eight properties which are all sold profitably with investors receiving strong yields. He is also the Chairman of Adventure Combat Ops, a Las Vegas Entertainment Facility offering virtual combat activities to Las Vegas Tourists and locals. Investors involved in this project receive back all monies invested plus a steady flow of cashflow payments. 


On July 8, 2014 a panel of the British Columbia Securities Commission found that Mr. Lathigee engaged in a civil fraud by breaching section 57(b) of the British Columbia Securities Act, R.S.B.C 1996, c. 418.19 A copy of the decision can be found on the British Columbia Securities Commission’s website. Mike Lathigee has been fined but the fine is currently under appeal with the BC Court of Appeals. Mike Lathigee encourages all recipients to google him for more details on this or any other matter regarding Mike Lathigee before investing or go directly to www.mikelathigee.com.


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