A Snapshot of the Big Picture
February 27, 2015

On the global front, Greece and euro zone finance ministers reached a deal to extend the Greek bailout by four months. Although this settlement simply “kicks the can down the road”, over the next several weeks we don’t have to worry about Greece and we will see economic growth and interest rates regain the spotlight.

The economy is showing a mixed bag of positive and negative indicators. We hear arguments for the continued meteoric rise of the stock market and we hear equally strong cases for its imminent, or at least, eventual collapse.

With the economy showing strong signs of recovery, many are expecting an interest rate hike to happen in the summer. However, if between now and the summer there are any signs of any economic weakness, the Fed will likely take its finger off that particular trigger.

Our goal with this newsletter is to give you a balanced presentation of what we see unfolding – the positive and the negative – and most importantly, provide ideas about what you can do in your own portfolio to make money.

So, let’s take a look at those positive and negative elements.

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