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America Has Shifted From A Strong Work Ethic To A Free Hand-Out Ethic
December 3, 2015

The bottom line is that the long term outlook for any economy with huge debt and over 50% of its population receiving entitlements is dismal. Big Government does not work and will not work.  We have lost the purpose of the US Constitution as big government is not what America is all about!

America is the land where people come and work hard and when you work hard you can rise in wealth and social status. That is called the American Dream and in a sense, that is how America sense marketed itself.

America is a great nation and we see a degree of that principle, yet we are turning to a society of collectiveness, (what is best for the masses), as opposed to what is best for the individual.  We need to remember that the American Constitution was founded upon the principles of individual freedoms, not collectiveness.

The only candidate that seems to really be addressing the issue seriously is Rand Paul, but with only 1% support he won’t get elected. I personally support him and his Libertarian views.   He is the only one that really seems to speak the truth of exactly what America must do! . To a lesser degree Ted Cruz speaks out, but he is certainly a political opportunist, who alienates people and has difficulty building any consensus.

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