America Is Not Designed To Be A Socialist Nation!
January 19, 2016

If you want to live in a socialist environment then I suggest you pick a socialist country that believes like you do and move there. Just don’t try to turn America into one.

I was born in Canada and spent the first 43 years of my life there, so I think I have some perspective about the differences between these two forms of government.

  • Canada is a collective society based on doing what is best for society as a whole.
  • America is about doing what is best for the individual. That is the foundation of the US Constitution.

America is about free enterprise and being willing to work to improve your lot in life.

Immigrants to this country seem to understand this concept of individual enterprise better than many natural born citizens. Most immigrants come to this country to work hard, raise families, pay taxes, and strive to improve their circumstances. They were not raised believing that the government owed them a living. They are grateful to be in a country that even has work! Any kind of work!

As we drift further into our entitlement mentality I fear we are losing that American spirit of individual enterprise. As I watch more and more money shelled out by the Federal government on entitlement programs I am concerned that American citizens may entirely lose touch with that concept.

I fear we have turned into a society of consumers and takers rather than builders and givers. I fear that if we drift too far in this direction without correction, we will find ourselves unable to even envision the kind of society imagined by the American forefathers when they wrote the Constitution.

I am proud to be American and had the pleasure of earning my American Citizenship less than three years ago. Coming from Canada, I prefer what America stands for. Yet, as a person who moved to America from another country, I am sad to observe that too many Americans don’t seem to understand the principles that America was founded upon. Even worse, they really don’t seem to care.

I like to think that I understand what it means to be American and I’m proud of my citizenship. I embrace the opportunity to use my skills to improve my life and the lives of those I love. I embrace the opportunity to make a contribution that I can only hope leaves the world a little better for my having been here.

The Running Of The Bulls Begins

I am not political. I don’t care about parties and red and blue states. I like to think for myself, so I do my own research and draw my own conclusions.

Having researched Trump, I can, to a certain degree, understand why his ‘wall around America’ appeals to so many people. Still, I would not vote for him.

Having mentioned Saunders and Trump, for the record, let me say that I saw Rand Paul at a luncheon a few weeks ago. I have concluded he exemplifies most closely what I believe American culture is supposed to be. He talks about less government interference and much more deficit control. He is the closest to a Libertarian of any candidate and if I were one of our Constitution authors, I would probably vote for him based on his platform.

I have stated many times at club meetings that I believe the correct role of the Federal government is one of providing national security, not interfering at every level of our daily lives. If anything, I believe that any interactions with citizens should be more at the state level, rather than directed from some Federal stronghold many miles from most of us.

I probably won’t see that dispersion of control in my lifetime, because too many Capitol Hill politicians would be putting themselves out of work in that scenario and that will never happen as long as they live.

Maybe we should just wait for the old guard to die off and then not reelect a replacement. Would that work? Smaller government by attrition?

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