Calvin Harris and DJs
March 1, 2019

This is the email we sent.

Dear Mr. Murren (MGM) and Mr. McCabe (Hakkasan),

Please forward this message to your Executive Office.

As of late, many talented musicians in Las Vegas cannot make a living because of how much you are paying Calvin Harris – and DJs like him – to play EDM tunes at your venues. He’s taking in six figures per night – and you’re making millions – at the expense of the local musicians who are now struggling to make $2,000 per gig.

A video excerpt from the Jan. 31st meeting of the Las Vegas Investment Club expresses our concern:

The result is the decay of Las Vegas’ vibrant music scene, one of the main reasons people flock to Vegas every day of the year.

We request a response on this issue from your office. We will distribute it to our members.


Executive Committee
Las Vegas Investment Club
Las Vegas, Nevada

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