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January 25, 2020

If you want to have a much better understanding of what is going on in the world and the economy this is a “must watch” club video.

During the presentation, our club Chairman, Mike Lathigee, shares potential investing strategies that will work in this economic environment. He discusses common subjects (such as the National Debt), and provides additional consequences, that are not being discussed elsewhere.

He talks about why we will never be able to get the debt under control in a context where politicians have to start their reelection campaign 2 years after being elected. It is (almost) universally accepted that there will not be a Recession in 2020, however; Mike defines circumstances that could actually cause a Recession in 2020 and investors must be aware of them. Yes, economic growth looks good this year, however; investors must be aware that there still are risks and understand what is really happening as the “stock market party of rising prices” continues.

Trade Conflict and the most overwhelming world debt in history are his 2 biggest concerns with respect to a possible downturn in the economy. He also elaborates on the “public’s lack of healthy skepticism about corporate earnings”.

In addition to economics, Mike discusses the complete waste of taxpayer money on the Impeachment Hearing. He then discusses the economies of many countries around the world and the impact these have on America. Throughout the presentation Mike gives listeners important guidance on what they should do in their own portfolios and very specific action steps investors can take to protect their assets and make money.


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