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Further to – George Floyd Police Officers Deserve Fair Trial but Doubt they will get one!
June 11, 2020

Updating after the last article I wrote about the police officers in the George Floyd case.   I had a few dozen responses and all but one were in agreement and supportive of what I wrote.   That is exactly why I wrote the article – because there is a large percentage of the population whose voices are completely drowned out by the media.  Per my article I was getting sick of watching CEO’s appearing (nonstop) with words of support for this movement which seems to have no clear message – as it has evolved to cover many social inequality issues now. That said It seems the CEO’s agenda is more about enriching their own corporate branding than sincerity. 

Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints Quarterback (for whatever reason) sent a tweet that he was not in agreement with players kneeling during the national anthem and would never agree with anybody disrespecting the United States Flag.   Then he received enormous pressure from the protestor moment and other NFL players and was “forced” to apologize.  Don’t for a second think that what he said he thought was wrong. Today it is for personal safety or under enormous pressure that people have become afraid to speak up for what they think is right – as almost everything is now perceived as racist.  Then Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner has done a complete 180 degree position reverse on players kneeling during the national anthem.    Again this is about pressure and not what he really thinks (if you read and watch countless interviews he has done in the past on the subject).  For him it is just about the money and how to guard his interests and that of owners. 
In summation – these are complicated times and any kind of position is fraught with complicated variables. 

Members know I have spoken extensively about the abuse in our judicial system.   We have 4% of the world’s population and 26% of the world’s inmates.    I have discussed draconian laws, a bail system that forces the accused to accept rather than fight, lobbyists who make money through more people in prison etc.  If the protest moment makes changes to this part of the system it has my full support.  The problem I have is that this protest has no clear message and in many ways I see it being used to further the American system to more entitlement through polarization.  That is not what made America great.  It is Capitalism and citizens in a free America pursuing the American Dream that made it the economic powerhouse that it is.  I agree some things need to improve (certainly in the social justice area) but moving to bigger government and more entitlements is not the way to go. 

Anecdotally a friend of mine applied for a government job and was told, on a few occasions, he was the most qualified candidate.  However, he never got a job and one interviewer told him that they had to hire from a minority pool.  He is a white 31 year old man.  Is this racist?  

Also for the record I went to another protest a few days ago and I continue to observe that a large majority of the protesters are very young and many are white – and for many it just seems to be something to do with their time.   Then the next morning I found out there was several break-ins at places that never had been broken into before.   

We all would like to see change in many areas. However, anyone who seems to challenge the message of the protest moment is attacked. The parade of high profile CEOs speaking to what people want to hear (& unlikely what they really think) with the effect of furthering a polarizing agenda – seems counter indicated to what any of us would like to see – resulting from all of this.
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