Highmark Success
August 20, 2015

Another win for Las Vegas Investment Club Members: Desert Shores Villas Real Estate Project:

This project encompassed the purchased of 50 properties in Las Vegas on the edge of Summerlin. Our goal was to purchase units in a project with huge upside potential that had been oversold. When we got involved the master reserve fund was at an all time low and many owners were not paying there monthly HOA fees and there was dozens of foreclosures underway in the community. In addition, there was high incidents of crime and unlawful substances.

Working closely with the board and police we took several steps to decrease expenses, increase revenues and improve the community overall. In August 2015 the 50 properties were sold and all investors exited the project profitably.

This was a perfect fit of investing in a community, helping to improve it and allowing investors to make a profit. The Las Vegas Investment Club and the Managing Member and Operating Mike Lathigee are very proud of our achivement.

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