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November 14, 2020

Crunch Gyms media coverage

On a lighter note (considering the times?)

A few ‘dispatches’ from our people/staff &
their current experiences with Crunch Gyms Members ….  !

Crunch Gyms soldiers on in the face of another shut down. 
This newscast depicts the situation as it is viewed from our front line people.
The very fact that their position is deemed ‘newsworthy’ is notable.
Small business is being decimated and those that are left (as in the case of our Crunch Gyms) in dealing with rulings that inflict further challenges, respond with optimism and enlightened ingenuity.
The particular ‘slant’ this media story seemed to imply is that, with all this, there is absolutely no helpful language (let alone action) from those who hand down the rulings – in support of these people and their business(s 
Well – news coverage is a start! 
If media finds our particular case interesting enough then it may be that we could begin to receive some recognition and perhaps even consideration of the kind of support that is available elsewhere?
We are not looking for a handout. Rather, we would just appreciate a hand!

To view the news cast  – please click on the button below?
Crunch Gyms media coverage Nov 13th


Jeff Clark wanted to share with you a little bit of the flavor we have been dealing with at the in-club level.  This is intended to be a somewhat light-hearted look at some incidents at our clubs over the past few weeks, rather than a serious update on the clubs.  But the incidents do show the attitudes and odd behaviors we have been dealing with as we try to get through this mess.

When the clubs were recently allowed to re-open for the second time, members were required to wear masks while working out.  This was a departure from the first re-opening, when members only had to wear masks when going in and out of the gym.  We have had several clubs where members call the police because another member wasn’t wearing a mask inside.  Of course, we have also had several members call the police because members were forced to wear a mask stating a violation of their constitutional rights.

We had a member ask another member to wear his mask, and upon seeing him again without a mask, the first member grabbed a cleaning spray bottle and squirted the other guy in the face with it.

We are required by the state to do symptom-screening and take member temperatures upon entry.  We use a very fast thermometer that doesn’t even have to touch skin.  We had a member call the police on us because our front desk staff took his temperature.  Another member claimed that the thermometer too closely resembled a gun and could cause him PTSD.

At one of our clubs, we received a written six page letter from a member demanding that we stop all COVID precautions but also demanding that we indemnify him if he gets infected.  This member now emails our club manager every day.

We have had members break into our pool while it was roped off, and once while we were shut down, we had a naked man take a swim in our outdoor pool before he was caught by security.

We had a member call one of our club general managers “a part of the Nazi regime with her hand on the button killing millions of Jews” for reminding him to wear his mask indoors.  

We had a member call one of our staffers a racist because he reminded the member to wear his mask.  We have heard “I hate you” and “F— off!”  from members in response to these reminders. 

We had a member call the police because one of the personal trainers had his make pulled down below his nose in the gym.  The police arrived at our club, and everyone (except the member who called) knew and acknowledged that it was a total waste of time, energy, and resources. This is just a little flavor of what our folks “on the ground” have seen on a regular basis this year.  We appreciate your ongoing support, and know that we are fighting the good fight here.  One of our clubs will be featured again tomorrow on KUSI news at kusi.com to showcase what our Crunch gyms are going through and to promote the opening of our outdoor facility on site.

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