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Is this the America We Want To Leave To Our Children?
December 3, 2015

As Americans, if we don’t start making changes in how our free economy is allowed to work, then we will see the entrepreneurial spirit that built America begin to fade.

In some ways we are creating corporate oligarchs similar to Russia where the top 1% of the top 1% of the population control the economy and are the biggest winners in any economic growth.

America is no longer looking like the America that our forefathers envisioned and that our hard-working ancestors struggled to build.

This is not an easy fix. It will take effort and some sacrifice, no doubt. Yet our country grew out of challenge. We have seen the rise and fall of politicians and policies and we will again.

If we want to take back our country and make it again a place where intelligence and honest work are rewarded by a market that is true free enterprise, without the manipulation that creates illusionary wealth and the favoritism that stinks up the halls of our capitol, then we will need to get a bit uncomfortable and speak out for what we believe is right.

It will be a grassroots effort, crowdsourced activities, social media momentum and a few voices willing to risk it all for a fair chance at the American Dream.

Here is my shopping list of changes I want to see in my lifetime. Don’t worry, it’s short.

  • We have to eliminate lobbyists and Superpacs as a first step. Corporations have become the power behind every throne in every country and their only mandate is to make more money, regardless of the cost to the planet and the creatures that live on it.
  • We have to control all entitlement programs. Social Security and Medicare were designed as a safety net for citizens unable to sustain themselves, yet they are now claimed as entitlements by everyone and are factored into even the most lavish retirement plans.
  • We need an attitude shift. Americans need to become more accountable for their own results and stop looking to the government to solve all their problems. We have the DNA of our immigrant and pioneer ancestors, so we are fully capable of getting the job done.

Reading over what I have written it is clear to me that, although it was not intentional, the theme running through all my words is that big government is responsible for slashing jobs and killing American culture.

A bit harsh, but you all know that I call it as I see it. I think the government is too large.

Big government is in the business of creating work to justifying its existence. Make no mistake, that fact makes politicians and governmental employees dangerous, because a smaller government will threaten their livelihood. They don’t want to see things change, because their jobs may go away. Oh well, guess they would have to join the other 22 million people looking for work.

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