Knowledge Is Your Best Defense
February 27, 2015

We remind you that most investors, who rely on a financial advisor for all their investment decisions are almost guaranteed to underperform the markets. This travesty is due to the fact that the cumulative effect of financial management fees is to eliminate over half of the profit you may have made over the lifetime of the investments.

Once again, stay tuned as we guide you how to correct this problem and assist you to achieve the wealth you want.

There is no reason to remain totally dependent on your financial advisor. At the very least be interactive with your advisor. Do not be hesitant to discuss some of the ideas in this newsletter. Do not be intimidated. Make them explain their ideas in detail and defend their recommendations.

If they cannot give you sound reasons for following their advice, then use your considerable common sense, trust your own research and keep learning. With the wealth of information available these days, you can learn nearly anything. Meanwhile, start shopping for an advisor who is more interested to your needs than in their own pocketbook.

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