Lathigee Exposes Hotel Resort Fees
June 17, 2019

The Investment Club of America
(formerly Las Vegas Investment Club)
takes a stand in support of community efforts that are in the best interests of club members and the Citizens of Nevada. 

We took a successful stand in the past against the unscrupulous business practices of HOA Collection Companies and had success as part of a major grassroots movement that eventually put caps on fees these companies could charge to struggling homeowners. 

More recently our focus is on resorts in Vegas
who are charging for parking
– and we have lobbied hard for change.  

We discussed that specific topic at a club meeting in January of this year, and sent the video (of that club meeting)
to the CEOs of Wynn, MGM Resorts and Caesars.  


We are pleased with Wynn’s decision to return to free parking – and since then the increase in tourist traffic at Wynn Hotel is noticeable!  Obviously a good decision for the resort! 

Please see (immediately below) the link for the video which was send to the CEO’s of Wynn, MGM and Ceasars?

ICOA Casino Parking Fees Initiative / VIDEO

Now our attention turns to the deceptive practices of Resort Fees charged by hotels.  

Please read our comprehensive report
– and what you can do to assist in this effort ..

(please click on link below to read this document)

  ICOA Resort Fees Statement

One short story: 
Recently one of our members booked a hotel room online and paid in full.   When he arrived at the resort he was told he had to pay a Resort Fee.   
He said there was no such mention online and showed the ‘check in’ staff the online booking platform.  He was told if he did not pay the Resort Fee that he would not be able to check in.  He said he would pay it but told them he would dispute it.  

Upon return he contacted his credit card company and showed them the booking platform. 
They ruled in his favour and credited his account.  If more of us do this sort of thing it will likely change the deceptive practices of many of the hotels.  

Please share this letter on social media and we will keep you updated on our website,

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