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Lathigee vs British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC)
January 28, 2021

It is not surprising that the BCSC has resorted to Machiavellian tactics, at this stage of its pursuit of Lathigee, as the facts have gotten in the way of the ‘agenda’.

One can almost hear the growl – ‘I am the law’ issuing forth from that quarter

What is surprising is that a court of the land would utilize these, now – all too familiar, tactics in the furtherance of that same agenda. The facts be damned!

The unsettling element of all this is that – This court in the land – IS the law!

All the while – plain (while unfounded) is this agenda (please refer to attached).

Utilizing quasi legal instruments within the State of Nevada the BCSC has rode roughshod over the Fourth Amendment of the Constitutional rights of Lathigee in its search and seizure of property – August of 2019.

In fact the intrusion looked more like an armed robbery than anything else.

However, there are larger issues at play here.

The rule of law through due process has neither been defended nor upheld in the court proceedings since.

Bewildering is how a Nevada court can been subverted to an agenda that serves a foreign entity!

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