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Lathigee vs British Columbia Securities Commission/Well Fargo apology etc
November 3, 2020

Friends and Family,

Please see the attached lawsuit (filed on Friday) vs the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC).   

This lawsuit explains the illegal seizure, including the theft of 56 one ounce gold coins (not accounted for by the BCSC in their documentation of the seizure). 

In addition, despite perpetuating the lie for years, there has been zero evidence I have had any personal benefit when my company collapsed (in Canada) as a result of the ‘subprime mortgage’ crisis of 2008/9. 

The fact is – I was wiped out and lost more than anyone else within my investment group.

The complaint shows that proper protocols were not followed by the BCSC during the seizure.

It also outlines deliberate malice perpetrated by the BCSC in conducting the seizure, which occurred on the same day of my mother’s funeral – when I was due to deliver the eulogy.  

Not only was opposing counsel notified of my mothers condition (through proper channels) that I was in Canada in the days before her death (in Canada because I had to produce documents per a BCSC demand subpoena) but I had also notified them that I was working on it ‘under difficult circumstances’ in the face of her obvious & impending death.

The BCSC, then fully aware of my mother’s illness and subsequent death, and regardless of it, proceeded with the seizure.

One would have hoped for some small modicum of decency to prevail, even if for only one day, yet the BCSC proceeded with its agenda.

Then, in taking my cell phone during the seizure, BCSC’s legal counsel, Matt Pruitt, refused to return the phone, wilfully denying me the ability to, (not only be in contact with my family during that day but also) deliver the eulogy which my family expected – albeit by phone (which, given the pressures I was under, they understood). 

My family, aware of the unending and unlawful tactics resorted to by the BCSC were left further distressed on a day of our mutual grief as to what must be going on to have resulted in my “no show”. 

Subsequent to the seizure “contrived” news articles caused banks to shut down accounts belonging to my wife and myself. 

In fact some time ago Wells Fargo sent an apology letter stating there was no fraud in my wife’s account and sent her a check for $150 in compensation.  

I also received 2 similar letters and checks for $150 each and Wells Fargo followed up a few times to ensure the checks were cashed.  I assume this is because, if we cashed the checks, it is an acceptance of settlement.  My wife and I will not cash these checks.  I want to leave the legal door open to hold the banks accountable when I am through this.

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