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May 22 update: Mayor Carolyn Goodman
May 24, 2020

May 22 update: Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s comments to CNN’s Anderson Cooper last month reportedly damaged Las Vegas’ chances of hosting the NBA upon resumption of its season.  The league was clearly concerned about her comments according to a report from The Athletic.   This video was not about the argument “for” or “against” the reopening of Las Vegas, but rather Mayor Carolyn Goodman is an embarrassment to our city when she speaks and should refrain from comments that have no factual basis.  Since this video has been made there is now a campaign to Recall Mayor Carolyn Goodman and unfortunately to save her political career she is trying to make it seem that it is a ‘fight for those who wish to open the city versus those who want the City to remain closed”.  That is not the issue at all as many people who wish the city to open asap simply do not wish her to be a spokesperson for the cause and in fact would appreciate it she made no further comments.  The situation with the NBA is just one example of the damage she has done that will cost the city many millions of dollars.

To those watching this video. 
Our Mayor has caused profound embarrassment to our city – on a National and International Level.   She has shown her complete disregard for the citizens of the very City she is supposed to lead – and we call for her resignation. 
Even if you don’t live in Las Vegas – please consider supporting a “wake up call” to, not only Mayor Goodman, but to all politicians – that they will be held accountable for their words and actions.
What politicians say (particularly in today’s tech age, where Citizens are able to communicate, organize and mobilize) can and will come back on them.
It may even effect undesirable (for them!) change.

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