“Mike Has Fought For Years, and Continues To Fight”
February 13, 2016
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I have been following Mike’s teaching for over 13 years, during that time I have watched many people become very wealthy following his suggestions. Unfortunately, some of us lost money during the economic downturn a few years ago, as so many people did. One of our investments failed because a bank called the Line of Credit for no reason other than fear, as the project in Alberta had met all its financial obligations. Even when things were going sideways, Mike always returned calls from members and actually reached out via webinars to update members on the status of our investments. Mike has fought for years, and continues to fight, to recover members investments from this and other projects, his tenacity is amazing and is a strong part of his character. Some recent legal successes are testament to his persistence. He has never been reluctant to share details of the failures, as well as the successes, it’s that trait that makes him so credible. Whenever I follow his advice, I know that it is well thought out and well researched, and that he feels a personal responsibility for the outcome. Recently my faith was rewarded by the completion of our investment in the Desert Shores Villas in Las Vegas, I was one of the first investors in the project, and as well as the quarterly cashflow it provided, I am very pleased with the resultant R.O.I.

If you are a fan of the “talking heads” on financial TV, and you think the banks are there to help you and that the current financial regulatory system is doing a good job, Mike will upset your view. He most often takes a contrarian position because of the meticulous research he does, the direction he sees trends developing, and the lunacy he sees in the advice being dispensed by most financial “experts”. But if you are willing to open your mind and explore new possibilities and ways of looking at the financial world and system, you just may be ready for Mike…and you may find it very rewarding.

Lynn Illingworth

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