Mike Lathigee sues Hyland for Slanderous Comments. Learn how he exposed a presentation
October 31, 2014

Mike Lathigee will ‘cast far and wide’ on behalf of himself, his investors and members of his various clubs – in his quest for further education and to uncover opportunities he attends meetings, offerings and seminars in person and webinars as well as phone meetings. In this process
he then brings the educational content he has derived to his own presentations. Once in a while he will uncover good ideas and bring that to his people as well.

In one such venture he found himself at a presentation that was capitalizing on a recent development prompted by a Supreme Court Decision and HOA Super Priority Liens. While there is merit in the opportunity it presents – the people promoting it were less than forthcoming in both detail and risk.

Mike stepped forward asking some very pointed questions and in the process he uncovered who the promoters were.
As it turns out the promoters were associated with someone that Mike knows all too well having run into his promotions over the last decade or so.
While there is much to be concerned with – related to the way this organization does business (which became apparent in the responses to Mikes questions) what developed was a personal and libelous assault on Mike.

Not being one to take this kind of thing lightly Mike has taken the only action available to him in the form of a law suit with the hope that, at the very least, this organization will clean up the way it does business in Nevada.

We will post updates as they occur for those who may be interested in what transpires. Mike Lathigee will defend himself against slanderous comments but more importantly is not afraid to challenge presenters to seek the truth. James Hyland who is the defendant in this lawsuit is the brother of John Hyland. For more information on John Hyland please search youtube, “John Hyland is a Convicted Felon” which will better help my followers understand why I have pursued this situation.


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