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February 27, 2015
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Media and financial analysts state that the Fed will raise interest rates no earlier than June and more likely they will wait until September. We believe as stated early it will be much later in the year and possibly 2016. This delay to raise interest rates if very “bullish” for stocks. Although the earnings season was a little bit disappointing it seems that America remains the number one choice for foreign money wanting to invest in the stock market.

In addition, large companies continue to announce stock buy-back programs, driving stock prices up. It is true that equities are higher risk than some other investments, but they tend to have higher returns over the long term.

With these factors in play, we guide you to remain in the stock market for the present time. Undoubtedly, that opinion will change at some point. So, stay tuned to our continued narrative as we will share our strategy for the best time to pull out.

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