Recently Mike Lathigee received some unfavorable press and he felt it was important to provide the facts in a short video.
September 18, 2019

Please watch the above video and below is a more detailed about what transpired.

Mike Lathigee is the Chairman and Founder of the Investment Club of America.  

He remains fully transparent regarding his track record of successes and challenges from the past.   In fact, in a recent interview with the world famous Economist Mark Skousen, Mr Skousen says ‘Mike always guides people to “Google Me” before they do business with him.’ 

Mike has lead many deals successfully over the last decade and in this video you will learn more about this track record as well as the Investment Club of America. 

Over the past 8 years, Mike Lathigee has overseen several projects – the outcome of which has been that investors have cashed in and cashed out with strong gains.  

At the same time he has also received unfavorable press as a result of the British Columbia Security Commission (BCSC) civil adjudication against him (brought subsequent to the impact that the ‘meltdown’ of 2008/2009 had on his businesses) where it was ruled that he did not have enough disclosure in two of 21 prospectuses filed at the time.   

Although the BCSC fully admitted he had no personal financial gain and, in fact, lost more money than any other investor he was still fined $21.7 million.    The judgment against him has now been domiciled in Nevada and he has appealed the decision.   Please click here to read the “attached brief” in addition to this video which explains many of the weaknesses in the BCSC case.   In addition, in this brief, the BCSC own expert lawyer admits that Lathigee had no personal financial gain. 

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