Response to your message sent to our organization with a personal attack on me.
June 26, 2019

We received this letter from Mr. Nokley

Bob Nokley
Club Return Claims
Congrats on being the first: “It says it is the first time a court in the United States has recognized an order from the B.C. commission.”

I have been professionally raising capital for 20+ years, its clubs and
people like this that sets back the work of those who know better. I
attended and pitched one of your meetings, at first I was impressed but when pulling the tape back it was clear what was going on there.
Glad you took Vegas’s name off of your club. had my reservations about Lathigee and now two high courts keep coming and to say you can’t
defend yourself is for a more unsophisticated person to believe. 

The self-serving investment platforms ALWAYS have some sort of
operator with this sort of drama attached. 

When one guy tells me he is being railroaded, what did the 700 people
that invested get?

Not sure what the citizenship arrangement is but I know what I would prefer. All of these websites and domain names spinning your story with no contact information on them.

And this is my response.

A picture of Bob Nokley

Mr. Nokley:

You are not the first to underestimate our people and the relationship we have with each of them.

Your request to ‘pitch’ club members about your company for investment dollars was declined and I understand your disappointment. In fact your comments are probably predicated on your frustration. Your company simply did not fit our criteria. We have an excellent track record and considered your offering to be outside our risk parameters.

As for our ‘unsophisticated’ investors that you refer please note that over 90% of our members are accredited by securities definition.  You stated that you pitched your company at one of our meetings and that is untrue as again it would not have passed our criteria.  If you had actually ‘pitched at one of our meetings’ as you state you have, then you would have discovered a group of very savvy investors with the applicable skill sets to adequately analyze your ‘pitch’. 

Further, in my constant disclosure, our members are well aware of the pressure being brought by the regulators and the reasons why. In fact, I make it a point to disclose this at every single offering and at our meetings. Many members have even told me that I update too much on this subject.

Unlike many in my field, I have not spent a dime on reputation management to remove negative posts on google because I am proud of my business performance. To the contrary, I have gone so far as to single out derogatory comments and articles written about me (like your contribution) and read them out at meetings. Your comments, contact info and my response will also be published on my website

Our people can attest to this but also to the fundamental fact that I am completely transparent and more importantly that they have done extraordinarily well with me (relative to 85% plus of the money managers in the country that underperform the market index). Please send me the results that you have achieved on behalf of your investors. Do you have a long list of testimonials from happy investors?  I don’t see any on your website except a pitch and you appear to be a one-man show.

In addition, all my deals are structured in such a manner as to put the investor first with management having little participation until the investors are fully repaid. I would be very interested in reading your prospectus to see what ‘fees’ you charge – are these ‘fees’ charged even if your investors do not do well?

More recently I’ve raised for projects that employ hundreds of people, projects that without my involvement would never have gotten off the ground.  My point is that you may see more than you wanted to upon ‘pulling the tape back’.  

Yes, I (and the rest of the world) had a ‘blow up’ in ‘08/’09. Not unlike many companies in the financial sector – the effect was devastating to me. Why the regulators have taken such a vehement position relative to me, subsequent to this event, has been covered ad nauseam in my website and specific publications. It is easy enough to find this if you have the will to do so. However, you seem intent on submitting your opinion regardless, and it is not much of a stretch to assume that this may be based in our disinterest in your company.

Yes the current assault by the regulators is unusual, but we have become used to this kind of thing from salaried, regulatory lawyers in a system that makes it contraindicated to go after those who actually do harm. 

I will continue to expose the faults within the system in which we all find ourselves and continue to sustain the consequences.

I look forward to reading your comments to our people at a future meeting. I would urge caution that you do your research on the investment club and on me, and avoid publishing any untrue defamatory statements.  As you can see, I take my reputation and the club’s reputation seriously.  While I am constantly willing to respond to criticism, I am just as willing to act to defend myself too.

P.S.  I have attached your picture and do recognize you.   Best wishes!

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