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Short Video on ‘America & Legalized Corruption’
March 19, 2019

It was a lively meeting on Feb 27th 
We discussed the America our Founding Father envisioned
– versus what we have become! 

In this video – Mike discusses legalized corruption through lobbyists who don’t, for the most part, represent the interests of the American public. 
He examines the overreaching power of US prosecutors and judges and their abuse of power. 
He goes on further to describe, on a grassroots level, why immigration is a problem and what most Americans don’t understand about the migration problem.
America has become a country of entitlement. 
Mike shows how the Mueller investigation is a ‘witch hunt’ and describes the petty behavior of our federal politicians and media who are completely disconnected from the interests of the average America.  
He provides proof of how politicians are bought –

Concluding with a solution
to finally bring power back to the people.

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