Testimonial: Noel McNaughton
October 31, 2014

My wife and I first met Mike at an investment club meeting more than ten years ago. We had been investing, with a focus on real estate, for several years before that, and one of the things we have learned over the years is that although we are investing in projects, it is really the people we invest with that are most important. If you trust the people you are investing with, you don’t need to worry that you are being cheated when things with an investment go sideways, or take longer to pay out than they are supposed to (which it seems they almost always do). Mike is a man we trust based on our numerous investments with him and the experiences we have had with him.

As stated we have been involved with several projects with Mike, some of which have paid well extremely well, while some didn’t. That is the nature of investing, even with good due diligence. However, over time the winners paid many times on our original investment and we are happy we stayed the course with Mike.

More recently we are investors in High Mark Realty in Las Vegas (the Desert Shores project) which has paid steady cashflow at a decent rate for the last four years, and if/when it is sold, we should get our investment back with a fair profit. Michael is the managing partner of the project. We are also investors in the Humble Oil field that Mike introduced to us and myself having a strong background in oil along with my brother who has worked in the oil patch for more than 4 decades we are very excited about the project and happy to be involved. Most recently we got involved in a short term finance company deal and after our participation large institutional funds got involved in the company paying twice the amount we paid for shares and very conservatively we are up more than 100% in less than six months.

This is the thing about dealing with Mike is he tries to find the best opportunities and not all of them are successful but he returns all our calls, he ensures investors are always kept updated and as stated earlier we are up significantly as a result of our involvement with him over the last decade.

Noel McNaughton
Edmonton, Alberta
October 27, 2014

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