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The BCSC has continually perpetrated a lie…
December 26, 2020

The BCSC has continually perpetrated a lie by stating that, as a result of the collapse of my company, I had personal gain.   The BCSC has pushed this “lie” through newspaper campaigns, utilizing their contacts in media, for more than a decade.

I submit this 95 page attachment which details the facts as they actually happened.  

My position was (and remains) so evident that even the BCSC’s own expert witness admitted, “There is no proof that Lathigee had any personal gain”   

However, this has not stopped the (unlimited government funded) BCSC from their agenda of continuing their public relations game of lies against me – in media and court filing.  

Well, as the old newspaper saying goes ‘If it bleeds – it leads’ and so the assault continues.

Gordon Hoekstra, a reporter from the Vancouver Sun actually took google pictures of my house and wrote an article in the Vancouver Sun newspaper stating that I had stolen funds from Canadian investors in order to buy my house.  

His allegation was, of course, confirmed by the BCSC which was (once again) only too happy to propagate the lie.   

It seems the BCSC can constantly assert I took monies from Canadian Investors – without evidence, continue to build a file supported by the material they generate themselves and then have it printed in media in their efforts to support the false accusation.   

Even Business Reporter David Baines, also from the Vancouver Sun, who is no fan of mine and wrote negative press about me and my business for years –  stated in an article on May 21, 2018, 

“That money was not spirited away into some offshore account.   It was invested and lost.  It no longer exists.”  Please see attached court filing, along with sworn declarations from 4 other people that clearly show the BCSC has been perpetrating a dishonest Public Relations campaign for years.

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