What is happening to Trump is completely wrong.
April 16, 2018

Certainly Trump has his detractors; however, what is happening to him right now reflects just how unrestrained Mueller is able to operate, under the law, in America and this does not bode well for anyone of the rest of us.

When a prosecutor goes after an American citizen (President or lawyer or plumber or any one of us) and cannot ‘get’ that person on one crime, he simply throws a ‘bigger net’ and continues his pursuit. This is untenable!

The raid on Cohen office had nothing to do with the ‘Russia Probe’. It was based in the fact that Mueller could not get Trump there so he changed gears and issued a search warrant on his personal attorney.
There was no standard protocol of a request for documents or a subpoena but straight to search warrant. Not even considered was ‘client attorney privilege’.

This action clearly reflects the overzealous and overreaching powers of prosecutors. Some may just think, ‘I am a Democrat’ and this is good; however, there are large and very grave concerns to be considered here.
It would seem that Mueller’s approach is best described as ‘the ends justify the means’ and now he may well find something in Trump’s past that will serve his ongoing pursuit.

The fact is – the process is flawed and most Americans won’t get it.

Prosecutors seem to be able to operate with impunity in America today. As Mueller could not find anything in the ‘Russian Probe’ he simply switched gears and started a process of scrutinizing deals that Trump participated in before he became President.
Is he bound to find something? Probably Yes!

To put this in perspective – according to civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate the average American commits three felonies per day. (This is studied in a new book he has just released).
While a bit of a stretch – the fact that the argument can be made at all (given what Mr Mueller is able to get away with) reflects the vulnerable state in which we all find ourselves in America today.

Yes, this is a witch hunt, but worse – it reflects the sorry state of the US Judicial System and worst yet – will probably be regarded as just another day at the office by the rest of us.

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