Mike Lathigee Has Strong Performance
October 8, 2015

Like so many other indicators of the current investment environment the Stock Market is down significantly year to date. Meanwhile, a small investment group in Las Vegas – led by Mike Lathigee – is outperforming 99% of all the money managers nationwide.

Concerned with the high fees charged by money managers Mike embarked on a road of ‘self empowerment’ on behalf of himself and his followership/students in early 2014.

The outcome of which has been – he and his students has attained 4 major ‘wins’ since that time and are ‘on a roll’. Moving away from money managers and towards self empowerment is a trend that is growing across the country and the Mike is proud to lead the way.

Below is some detail – related to those ‘wins’

1/ A bond fund that has achieved a continued APR of 12%. This represents better results than any junk bond or, for that matter, just about any bond or high yield financial instrument in the marketplace.

Mike has relationships with subprime lenders who use the money to relend at higher rates and this represents the basis for the fund. He has leveraged this relationship to the benefit of he and his students.

This deal rates highly when compared to any other like ‘vehicle’ in the same investment class and certainly places in the top 1 percentile related to performance.

2/ In February of 2014 about two dozen of Mike’s students invested in a Canadian ‘Fintech’ company. This company allows customers to apply online for loans of up to $25,000 CDN for terms ranging between one and five years.

On long term loans it charges 6.9% to 35.9% depending on the customers’ credit score. Borrowers with good repayment histories can achieve lower interest rates during the loan duration.

Among other features/benefits this company also offers a prepaid VISA card that customers can reload.

The company did its initial public offering in late June 2015 and club members obtained triple digit gains based on the IPO price – in less than 17 months.

3/ Earlier this summer Mike’s students had another “home run”.

The company is a Calgary Canada Tech Company. Customers include a multitude of recognizable brands including 2 major luxury vehicle manufactures

Within 12 months of investing – the company sold to well known Silicon Valley Company

Having invested at 23 cents U.S. per share the cash exit sale price was 45 cents Canadian per share (after one year).

That is close to another triple digit return in less than one year – less the exchange rate to Canadian dollars.

4/ A 50 property Real Estate Project

Mike was the managing partner in this project which encompassed the purchase of 50 properties in Las Vegas on the edge of Summerlin. The goal was to purchase units in a project with huge upside potential that had been oversold. (Desert Shores fit that criteria).

When Mike got involved the master reserve fund was at an all time low and many owners were not paying their monthly HOA fees.

There was dozens of foreclosures underway in the community. In addition, there were high incidents of crime and an obvious presence of unlawful substances. Working closely with the board and police Mike and his team took several steps to decrease expenses, increase revenues and improve the community overall.

In August 2015 the 50 properties he and his student/investors had acquired in the development were sold and all investors exited the project profitably.

This project was a perfect fit for Mike’s students – involving investment in a community, helping to improve it, facilitating cash flow for investors (from unit rentals) and then a producing a profit at sale.

In conclusion Mike stated:

I have made a lot of money for investors in the past through investing in trends at an early stage.   I certainly was humbled after the collapse of Lehman Bros (and subsequent ‘meltdown’ of ‘08/’09) which led to a huge negative impact on several  large development projects I and many of my investors were involved in – in Edmonton Canada.

In addition, to personally being ‘wiped out’ – many of my fellow investors were also hurt.  I was sanctioned by the British Columbia Securities Commission and received a lot of negative press – as a result.

For more detail related to this please go to:

Although the rebuilding process has been slow I am very proud of the results I have attaind in the last few years. This is manifest in the strong followership that has grown around me.

I am most gratified by the fact that my student/investors have done very well as a result of my guidance.

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