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Thoughts by Club Member, Terri Salvatore, about Mike Lathigee and ICOA.


Strategy. Integrity. Heart. These are three words that come to mind when describing ICOA. StrategyMike explains each opportunity from a strategic perspective, with a broad view of how current events tie in with the attraction of a potential investment. IntegrityThe club is honest and transparent with respect to the structuring of each investment. HeartICOA makes […]

A note from Club President, Mike Lathigee


I am closely monitoring the property developer crisis in China. The big question for all of us is – will it implode and cause another financial crisis similar to what we saw in 2008.I don’t think so, because American banksdo not have exposure to Chinese banks.  The very interesting thing is this is a deliberate […]

Afghanistan Women lose all rights under Taliban and Biden is a Disgrace

Freedom Fest 2021


Members! Our club follows a Libertarian Philosophy.  Mark Skousen is a member of our investment club and on Wikipedia is recognized as one of top living economists today.   He has written dozens of books and is internationally sought after for his leadership in Economics and Libertarianism. This is my favorite conference and in fact in […]

Bonehead Biden Rant


Bonehead Biden’s spending is completely out of control.   It is easy to make people happy when you spend money, but he is spending money we don’t have.  Imagine a CEO spending far more money than his/her company makes.  He/she would be out of business and/or thrown out as incompetent.   But not Bonehead Biden.   We are […]

Vancouver Sun Reporter writes False and Misleading information about Mike Lathigee


Please see the complete email thread with Vancouver Reporter, Gordon Hoekstra. He has written the same story four times and refused to print a retraction on his inaccurate reporting[…]

ICOA guides on how to make money in the Commercial Real Estate Market



Video ICOA Webinar – Feb 24 With a focus on the impact of Covid on the overall Real Estate market Part 1 Overview Renaming airports is a prime example of how our government spends time and money on actions that have no real value to all – but a very few. As one of the […]

The 2021 ‘Kickoff’ Meeting


ICOA Members The 2021 ‘Kickoff’ meetingOpening Remarks by Mike Lathigee  In his opening remarks Mike does not mince words related to his view of the election– its unfolding and results. The president elect and his platform have alienated Libertarians in positioning them (we/us!) as not only radicals –but also associating our position with that of the white supremacist movement. Mike […]

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